The weather tells me it's officially summer. These tunes will make you feel relaxed, so grab a margarita and sip it by the pool. Today's playlist is brought to you bu the wonderful Erica! She knows just how to get her groove on.

Hi everyone!  I am so excited to share my summertime chillin' on a beach playlist with you today!  I am Erica and I blog over at Erica Jacquline. I have been a huge fan of Helene and her blog for the last year and I am so happy that I can share my love for music with you today.

If you are me your life is pretty great right now.  I am on summer break because I deal with society's children for 10 months as a High School English teacher.  Summer is the best ever and all I really do is nothing, just find more ways to relax. One of the best ways I relax is with music oh and going to the beach because I live in southern California, please don't hate me!

Because “Summer Erica” has taken over for the next two months I thought I would share chill summer playlist with you.

1. Bob Marley “Three Little Birds”
I am pretty sure this is the quintessential beachy, chilling song.  No one does it better than Bob Marley

2. Jake Owen “Beachin”
I love me some county music and Jake Owen is a total hottie.  I would sit on a beach with him any day.

3. Keith Urban “Little Bit of Everything”
I dare you not to dance around and sing along to this song.

4. Kenny Chesney “When I See This Bar”
I just want to be at an island bar with all my buds when I hear this song.

5. The Eagles “Take It Easy”
I love some classic rock and The Eagles have been preaching a message of taking it easy for most of my life so I try and listen to them.

6. Paul Simon “You Can Call Me Al”
Such a silly song that I thing belongs in summer.

7. Ray LaMontagne “You Are The Best Thing”
Obviously Ray is singing this song to summer.

8. Patty Griffin “Heavenly Day”
First, Patty Griffin is amazing.  Second, she wrote this song for her dog. Third, my dog Penny and I love this song.

9. Tom Petty “Learning To Fly”
Try and be uptight during any Tom Petty song.  Just try it.

10. Joshua Radin “I'd Rather Be With You”
All of his songs are relaxing and chill so I just picked one for this list.

  Chillin by Erica Thompson on Grooveshark

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