You can't go wrong at the lounge. The Lizard Lounge, to be exact. I frequent this dark corner of Downtown Dallas to see some of the biggest names of the Dance Music industry. Friday, Michael and I went to see Ferry Corsten produced through Disco Donnie Presents. I had been waiting all week and couldn't wait, even though he wasn't set to go on until about 12:30 am.

 The night was thick with college frat guys in backwards hats, hipsters with beanies, older middle aged
fans sitting down, teenagers who snuck drinks after rubbing x's off their hands, and

Flashes of neon filled the room as the bright lights bounced off the over sized chandelier and disco ball. Chants of “Ferry, Ferry, Ferry” were coursing through the room as DJ E-Vo closed up his set. It was
time for the main act: Ferry Corsten.
He electrified the crowd with his thumping set. Hands were constantly
thrown in the air and you instantly felt happy and ready to dance.

For the first time ever, I stood above the crowd in the VIP section. It
was a unique experience and perspective. I loved watching the DJ and the
crowd unfold as a new song dropped.

 I truly hope every person finds your match. One that will go to concerts in the middle of the night and then watch Disney movies and go to bed at 9 PM the next day. 
Michael and I held hands and jumped in the air during “Many Ways“.

As Corsten closed out his set, hands shot in the air grabbing at the music with fierce desire to continue to rage.

Michael and I bounced, hands outstretched, as if orchestrating the crowd below.

I woke up tired, but it was worth it. Any excuse to see a DJ perform is a good one in my book. Whether you're on the balcony looking down, or waking up tired but happy you spent the night dancing to great music, it's always a good feeling to keep it in perspective. And this one is that it's all good.

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