There are some very weird things about me. Some things only my best friends know. Well, that is partly true. But typically I am an open book. Since today is Tuesday, I thought I would share some random things about myself. In fact, Tuesday has nothing to do with this. But since I hit 4,000 bloglovin followers I thought it would be nice to really let you know what you're getting into by following this blog.

Here are some very random facts about me:

I believe in good luck pennies and pick them up all the time. I didn't pick one up at the airport on Sunday and I'm still thinking about it, clearly.

One time I met Britney Spears. I wore a turtleneck. 

When Michael left for Vegas for his bachelor party I gave a groomsmen a card with money for a lapdance and a picture of my face glaring at him and pointing. I wrote “here's a dance, have fun. But not too much fun.”

This is what I looked like on my bachelorette party:

I don't get embarrassed easily.

In middle school I wore a pair of fake glasses because I thought they looked cool.

My favorite TV shows ever are It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, True Detective and Summer Heights High. I like to think I relate to those characters.


I played on the same soccer team with the same coach for 13 years (1st grade through Senior year of high school). We were called The Kickers and we had wacky Wednesday practices in which we just basically dressed up and ran around.

My favorite gift I've ever received was an Orville Redenbacker Popcorn
maker that I sadly use at least once a week. OK, 3 times a week.

I smiled with my mouth closed all throughout high school because of my braces. Actually, I hid them so well people told me they never knew I had them on. That's because I looked so bad with braces no one would have spoken to me if they knew. Proof:

The guy above me in the picture is my husband and this is from Homecoming senior year. He didn't officially ask me to be his girlfriend until the braces were off. Jerk..

I have two dogs: Hugo and Millie. H&M. Also Michael and I's initials, and this was unintentional. We just like the names.

For the past few weeks I cannot get my act together when it comes to
getting ready. I leave with my hair wet (and I have a lot of hair) every
single time.

I still have the stuffed rabbit (Ra Ra) I had as a kid.

I rocked the headlamp.
Here's me with a makeshift headlamp earlier this year. I told you this post was random.

My twin sisters turned 20 on Sunday and I cried. I HATE change and getting older.

The last time my nails were painted was a solid 2 months ago.

I have a bald spot on my head. It's on the right on the front part of my head above my ear. I don't have a birthmark so they think this might be a birth mark. You can't really see it but if I pull my hair up the wrong way it's there.

If that wasn't random then I don't know what is, I warned you.

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