I Can’t Wait For Summer Because… (A Link Up)

Texas is known for it's brutally hot summers. If you live here, you either deal with it or move away. Sure, we all complain about the temperature (“It's been over 100 degrees for 10+ days!”) but in reality, we wouldn't have it any other way. At least I wouldn't.
It's March and I'm still dressing in my over sized sweatshirts and leggings every day. I'm just plain tired of it. Spring is great, but I'm just ready for some heat. Swimsuit, tank top, flip flop, sundress weather.
If you can't wait for Summer either link up below.

Helene In Between
Helene In Between

I Can't Wait For Summer Because…

I want to plant myself outside and drink a rum and diet coke while painting my nails.

The nights are warmer and I can sit outside for hours on end.

Jorts are my favorite article of clothing ever invented.

Neon is my favorite color.

My hair gets naturally blonder and I don't have to worry about going to the salon.

My skin looks like it's never seen the light. (Aka I'm tired of looking like a ghost). Also, tan fat does look better than pale fat.

I just feel more carefree.

I can wear white and no one can tell me it's not in season.

Two words: Snow. Cones.

Wait, two more words: Music. Festivals. There we go.

I will hang out anywhere there's water: beach, lake, pool and just float.

My trip to Ibiza last year. 

It' more acceptable to drink during the day. I'll take 2 pina coladas please.

A sundress can be worn on almost any occasion.

Pop music just sounds better.

I can decorate my house so it doesn't look like I live in a dungeon.

Since Taylor and I both are dreaming of Summer we want to give away a $50 gift card to Pottery Barn! Just in time for Summer. It's super simple, just follow us on instagram.

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OMG I DREAM OF SNOCONES. SNOBEACH IN AUSTIN NOM NOM. I loved Silver Fox mixed with Cola and topped with cream. Or simple green apple topped with carmel. I'm almost mad at you for even mentioning htem as they are entirely unaccessible and I'd nearly forgotten one of my favorite foods ever. I forgive you though 😉

I'm looking super forward to floating the river while I'm home.

Oh this list gets me EXCITED! I just purchased some new suits and can't wait to hit up a beach. Warmer weather is coming!

You now have me wishing for summer. Kind of cruel bc it's the end of March and we still have SNOW on the ground! A girl can hope and dream though right?!

Only those girls in the picture you posted could get away with wearing jorts that high up on their wastes, without looking like my mom in the 90's. !!!

Sooooooooo with you on getting some color! I'm so pasty and gross right now!

Sun dresses, neons, drinking all day, music festivals, I am going to dream happy thought tonight

I love the way summer feels too. So carefree and happy! I need it now!

I'd do anything for some solid sunshine right now.

This is the first summer in the history of forever that I am actually not excited. I am graduating in June and I am not ready for the real world. Eek!

Day drinking is totally acceptable in the summer. I love that the sun naturally lightens my hair as well, so much cheaper than having to go to the salon!

How sad is it that I am dreaming of those 100+ days in Texas!! Gotta love them!! I am not even scared!!

Music festivals, the beach, dresses…yes make it summer now please!

Because Coors Light tastes better in July, I swear lol.

Sundresses & day drinking are the besstt! Thanks for hosting this, it's great & I loved it!

Can't wait to link up! Already did my blog post for the day so it'll have to wait until tomorrow! I'm also in Texas and gosh darn it sure gets hot here! And I'll be sporting a 9 month baby bump! This will be interesting 🙂

Yes to all of the above. Less trips to the hair salon… amazing how much $$ the sun saves!

haha! Tan fat looks better than pale fat. Amen, sister! lol
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oh my gosh I can't wait for summer! i'm hoping that we have a nice summer (since this winter suuuuucked) so I can get some pool time in!

Definitely looking forward to wearing sundresses e'ryday, and day drinking is way more acceptable in summer!!

What is it about day drinking that just makes life better?

Jorts are on there way! I'm so excited

I am soooo ready for summer to hurry up and get here!

You've been to Ibiza!? I wanted to go soooooo bad when I was traveling around Europe, but everything was just too expensive. I totally want to go back someday!

Damnit you are right… Tan fat > pale fat

Jorts are amazing. Know what's even better? NEON JORTS. OR white jorts. You nailed it all here.
Great linkup! Hopefully Mother Nature is listening to how badly we all need summer to just get. here. already! 🙂

That beach looks to DIE for. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Uhmmm can I just look like one of the girls in the first picture, puh-leeezzzeeee….. and stow away in your suitcase to VEGAS!!!!

I love Texas summers! I'm looking forward to swimming, drinking piña coladas, and barbecues. If only we still had summers off like we did in school!

So I feel bad about this, but you know I have access to the company boat and have never used it? But I have to pass a test to use it. We could be boaters all Summer long if I were to simply take this test…….

I am so freaking excited for summer, I keep buying new bathing suits! I just learned this year that jean shorts were called jorts, I've always just called them jean shorts ha ha. Learn something new every day 😀 Love your list!! Day drinking, yes.

i live in sun dresses! hurrrrry up summer

Tan fat looks better than pale fat for the win! And yes to day drinking being acceptable!

I'm sick of wearing jeans and yoga pants and want to just throw on a sundress and be cute and comfy 🙂

I completely forgot snow cones! My favorite part of summer in Texas was Eskimo Hut + they're "adult" snow cones.

hahahaha neon is my favorite color. Love it. The only reason I like summer is because of 'summer hours' – I get to leave way earlier on Fridays. Otherwise, give me year round winter/snow and I'm happy as a clam!

Ooh, that Pottery Barn stuff.

I love being able to throw on a dress and go.

Day drinking and lounging by the water all day is the best!

I am very ready for summer for most of those exact reasons.

Oh yes Pottery Barn love that place! I can't wait for the summer! Salt beach waves, flip flops, tan skin, longer nights, music blasting from the car, outdoor festivals. It really is the best time of year!! xoxoxo
~Amanda-Meet @ the Barre

i cant wait to hit the beach and hopefully a festival or two!! My skin needs the sun

i totally agree on the feeling more carefree thing. that, and acceptable day drinking. what is it about hot weather and the urge to drink pina coladas? it's my drink of choice while on a beach or vacay.

-kathy | Vodka and Soda

I will take hot humid summer days over freezing blizzards any day! Sunshine just makes me happy and carefree, too. So what if I'm singing at the top of my lungs and dancing in the driver's seat at the stop light with my windows down!
Eva Marie Taylor

I've been day drinking all winter, to help cope with this miserable weather. No judgement, please. Also, I'm tired of traipsing around, looking like an eskimo–I think all the extra layers are seriously starting to give me back problems.

Music festivals all the way!!

sundresses! beaches! wearing white pants without getting dirty looks! gosh you got me excited.

Summer is my favorite season…I wish we could just fast forward to June!

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I almost forgot about acceptable day drinking, this makes me even happier!

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