If you haven't seen it yet, yesterday, one of my little dreams came true when I got to interview Mako! They were insightful and hilarious and I hope to do more interviews in the future!

So I've decided to add something a little new to the playlist! Each month I will spotlight your playlist. It can be any genre, any kind of music, any number of songs. If you are interested in showcasing your playlist for the day just email me: [email protected] and we can set it up!
I will just arrange it by first come first serve!

And now here is your weekend playlist! This weekend's playlist is all about music that makes me happy. Isn't that the best kind?

1. Mako “Our Story”

I have to start it off right with some music by Mako! This song is absolutely beautiful. One of those songs you could stare up at the stars and just be at peace. Such a happy message. Click here to get it for free!

2. Disclosure “White Noise”

Tonight I am going to a club in Dallas called “It'll Do” to see Disclosure (featured on one of my very first playlists). To say I'm excited is an understatement. They are huge over seas but happen to be playing at a tiny club, so I should get a great show!

3. Peter Thomas ft Betty Who “All of You”

I love the uppity beat, yet somehow this song is easy listening. This song instantly puts a smile on my face. This is Thomas' debut single, it's clear he's going places.

4. Nicky Romero and Krewella “Legacy”

This is the kind of song you can just lose yourself in – in a good way. These two acts working together is perfection. Pretty lyrics mixed with fast beats and a great drop.

5. Tritonal feat Phoebe Ryan “Now or Never”

I'm convinced this song will instantly bump up your mood. Makes me want to swing side to side. What's happier than that?

 Check out my other weekend playlists here! Don't forget to let me know if you would like me to feature your playlist next month! (email [email protected])
AND I will be interviewing one of the artists above next week!! Can you guess which one?!


I'm going to end it right here since I have a special someone to introduce you to! Today I have Melany from Melany's Guydlines. You know when there is a blog that just covers certain topics perfectly and in a way you wish you knew how to? That's Melany.

She describes herself as full of snark, and it shows. She resides in Beverly Hills with true stories about being young, single and working in LA. She's worked for big names (let me name drop: MTV, William Morris, etc).
She constantly nails it with hilarious posts about relationship advice via her dog or her spot on New Year's Resolutions (take an Uber!- I agree). Melany's wit and snark doesn't just stop at her blog. Check out her twitter, you can literally scroll for hours at her 149 character one liners.
The main thing that Melany and I can agree upon is music- can't live without it! She know the music biz inside and out, and gives you a completely different view. I just love to read a blog that tells me a story, and that's exactly what she does!

Check out Melany's blog, be one of 12,000 (YEP) followers on twitter or facebook or check out her pretty self on Youtube! She also has an active Google plus, you know, if you're into that.

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