Let's get real: Valentine's day is about the ladies. First of all it's all about pink and red and hearts – super girly. We expect (for the most part) for the man to plan it out. As it should be. So since it's about the ladies, let's treat ourselves. How about the chance to win $115 to Victoria's Secret?
Maybe you want to look sexy in some new lingerie. Or you want to rock some new PINK sweatpants. Or like me, in the grocery store yesterday you want to accidentally have said PINK sweatpants on backwards. It's a fashion statement. Whether you want comfy or risque, it's up to you!

Don't forget! TOMORROW is the Valentine's link up with Sarah and me! It can be anything Valentine's related: why you love it, you hate it, how you're celebrating, tales of Valentine's past, whatever. Will you be linking up?!

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