I'm very very sad to say I will be missing Mardi Gras this year. If you haven't noticed yet, large throngs of people screaming is actually my favorite place to be. I love big parties, big music festivals, the bigger the better. And Mardi Gras is the biggest and best party. But with the new job and life in general, it looks like I'll be missing out.

Just sitting on St. Charles after Morpheus parade. Not a care in the world. Top left of the picture. We can assume this is alcohol or pee.

Never the less, I'll be celebrating in my own way in Dallas.
So today, I thought I'd give you some tips.

How to celebrate Mardi Gras without New Orleans:

You can throw your own party. See mine last year, Dallas Gras. It was pretty epic.

First and foremost, you're going to need some drinks. Go to sonic. Get some Route 44 Slushies (cherry and blue raspberry work great.) Now go to the liquor store. Purchase some Everclear (or whatever you want to spike it with, but Everclear is always a good decision.)

Mix the slushies and alcohol together. Call it a Daiquiri.

Get a King Cake. Eat it UNTIL you find the baby. In fact, just eat the whole thing while watching a live stream of the parades.

King cake isn't even close to my favorite kind of cake but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be eating some of it.

Put on your favorite Perlis shirt that you bought for $150 during Mardi Gras even though it was about 6 sizes too big because you “Had to have it.”

Don't sleep at all. It will look more authentic. See above picture.

Get your bead on. Put on all of the beads you can find. Really stack them on.

Yell at people “Throw Me Something Mister” or if you feel like speaking a different language “laissez les bon temps rouler” (translation, let the good times roll.)

Put up a backdrop of Bourbon Street and make someone take a picture of you. Instagram it. People will think you're really there. No really. They will think you are there.

Listen to a Mardi Gras themed playlist (don't worry, I got you covered on that on my Weekend playlist tomorrow).

Oh Mardi Gras, I love you so. I promise I'll be back next year.

P.S. To my little sister who is going to her first grown up Mardi Gras, BE CAREFUL AND DON'T DO ANY OF THE ABOVE.
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