The other night I was watching the Olympic games (ok, so I've been watching them every night since they've been on) and they had a feature on a guy who had been to the last 10 Olympic Games. His passion and enthusiasm reminded me of what it's like for me to go to Tomorrowland. Following it's every move, collecting memorabilia, and tearing up thinking of the magic surrounding it. Sounds very familiar.

That's why the Olympics is very similar to going to a music festival:

1. You meet people from around the world.
Last year, Tomorrowland actually had more representatives from other countries than the Olympics, but just the same, it's a common ground to meet others from around the world. Maybe you exchange Olympic pins or bracelets but you both have something in common: you're obsessed.

2. The announcers/ MCs are REALLY into it.
You think you're into it? “Watch that triple axel, nailed it!!” “Avicii is dropping the beats like a mastermind. Can you feel it?” The commentary is almost a sport itself.

3. The athletes/performers always get in a good workout.
Hey DJs/ music acts are jumping around almost as much as a figure skater doing a .

4. Freestyle skiing is kind of like freestyle mixing/singing/rapping.

5. People always cheer for their home team.
No matter what, you get excited when your country is represented. Even if they lose or the music goes out.

6. Despite the weather, the show goes on.
Unless it's really really bad, they continue with the sport.

7. There's a heavy use of fireworks.

8. Everything's more expensive.
Food, drinks, t-shirts. It's all triple the price. But you buy it anyway.

9. You have to schedule.
Different music acts/ sporting events are going on at the same time. You have to schedule everything so you don't miss your favorite.

10. They have weird names:
Music festivals: Avicii, Showtek, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell
Olympics: Evgeni Plushenko, Yulia Lipnitskaya, Dario Cologna, Shaun White (well… he's weird looking)

What do you think? Notice any similarities?

Today I have one of my favorites to talk about, Jackie, of Jade and Oak. This girl has style, grace, two cute pugs, and dancing ability. Although we both love dancing, she prefers the ballet variety- something I know nothing about. So, I thought I would ask her some questions to break it down, literally. 
How cute is this picture? Not fair.
1. What's your go to move? 
I don't know if this would be my “go to move” but I have a strange obsession with doing the snapping, sidestep move from West Side Story. It's sorta sassy. And weird. I'm bad with any of the what I call “bossy songs” stuff like the Cupid Shuffle or anything that tells you what moves to do in the lyrics of the song.

2. What has dance taught you? 

Dancing at bars/clubs with my friends has taught me that dudes are creepy. You're dancing with your girls and then some random guy is all over you. No thanks. As for ballet classes, they've taught me that I really can do anything. Nothing is more embarrassing than wearing skin tight clothes in a room full of people and taking your turn to dance by yourself. If I can survive that, I can survive anything.

3. Favorite song to dance to right now? 

I don't know the names of any of the classical songs we use in ballet, so as for radio music, I will always dance to anything by Ke$ha. Oh and my go-to is “Low” by Flo Rida. It's a classic.

4. What dancer do you look up to or find inspiration in? 

I am obsessed with watching So You Think You Can Dance. All of the dancers are amazingly talented and they blow me away every week. I think everyone needs to watch the show right now. As for ballet dancers, I love Mary Helen Bowers, who founded Ballet Beautiful. She trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan and started this amazing workout that anyone can do. Most ballet dancers have a short career so I love that she has this great fitness business after she finished her dancing career and inspires dancers and non-dancers to live a healthy lifestyle.

5. What's so great about ballet?

 Coincidentally, I recently posted on why ballet is good for you but I will just expand upon that by saying that I love the routine of it. It is very structured and disciplined but a good dancer will make the moves look effortless. It's impossible to ever conquer it, so I love that it's something that will inspire me to keep working harder and keep improving.
Jackie is seriously the full blogging package. I always find her posts interesting and inspirational. Check out her blog, follow her on Bloglovin, check out her pups on instagram, or stalk her on twitter!

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