The above statement is very broad. In fact, so broad I hope you didn't just click here because you think “god, yes, I hate Helene, now here's another reason why.” Well I guess if that is you then HI, Haters. JK. I just wanted to say that. I solemnly swear I'll never say that again because it is dumb and for 4th graders.
But, there is a reason you might hate me, if say, we were at a music festival together.

I talk about music festivals often. They are my drug of choice. Well that, and diet coke. Anyway, when I post about them I get some comments that say “I would love to go to a festival with you!!” Maybe they're just saying that to say it. But maybe someone really would like to go with me.
But before you think about that, let me tell you how I am at a music festival and you might just change your mind.

-Before the festival I get very nervous. I guess I can attribute this to anticipation but I get a little snippy. “Um Michael, are you sure this is where we should park? Do we have everything? Are you going to wear your neon hat like that? Did you get out cash? Ugh, you're irritating me”

– I'm going to need to dance.

-At the entrance of the festival I am going to want some pictures. Actually, I'm always wanting some pictures at every major point at the festival: The Main stage, the side stages, the decorations, a banner saying where we are, the name of each artist, the bathroom…

– I have looked at the schedule beforehand, therefore I have a plan in mind that we cannot deviate from. Oh, you wanted to take a break and get a drink? But that might mean we miss my favorite song of such and such performer. Can't take that risk.

– I will comment about the number of kids here and why they aren't wearing any clothing.

– I need to take breaks. I have metal in my ankle and though I'm pretty good about raging for hours on end, I have to ice and elevate the old ankle. We did that last year at Tomorrowland with my leg propped on Michael while people looked at me like an injured deer.

-To me, it's go big or go home. I need to get pretty close to the stage. Not like right up front. But close enough so I can see everything and get some good pics.

– If I see a performer or someone famous I'm going to try to take a picture with them. I will push people out of my way. They don't have time for a pic? TOO BAD.

Meeting Cazzette, I'm sure they were thrilled.

-I'm probably going to cry. I get so excited and emotional about the whole experience, if my jam comes on, I lose it and start tearing up.

– And lastly, did I mention about the dancing?

P.S. Dallas and surrounding area folks, there is a festival coming your way May  3rd and 4th. It's the first installment of “Suburbia Music Festival” held at Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve in Plano. And guess who the headliner is? David FREAKING Guetta. Pretty incredible for a guy who plays for 200,000+ people on the regular. So check it out. And in case the above didn't freak you out, I'd love to party with you at the festival.

P.P.S A new sponsor spot is added and it's only $3!
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