There are so many great DJs out there, and there is more and more exposure for them each and every day. But the female DJs still don't quite get the attention they deserve.
DJs like Nervo and Rebecca & Fiona are becoming more and more popular, but there are a plethora of wonderful female DJs that need to be center stage.
Lucky for you, I happen to have on on the blog today. Casie Lane, is one to watch.

Get this, she's a DJ, a mom, a blogger, oh and she's currently pregnant but still currently rocking it out at the clubs. She has some pretty awesome stories. She's from the US, but has lived all over the world and is currently in Singapore, which is why she has such an eclectic musical palette.

I have her on the blog today and she's made an exclusive mix for Helene in Between!!! How cool is that? What's cooler (well then being cold?), it's freaking amazing and I'm obsessed. She's sampled Madonna, Aaliyah, Ciara, Zomboy and more. Just put this on and do your thing:

I don't know about you, but this whole mix is sick. Perfect for cruising the streets or getting pumped up. Click here to check it out on Soundcloud. Oh and want to download it FOR FREE? Yes. Just like her on Facebook and it's yours.

Need more? (Of course you do) Check out her song “Not Everybody” a classic house mix.

She also has a mix with her husband on  Love International Records where proceeds go to KiVA charity. It has been selected to be on a DJ Kicks Mix! You can purchase it here

Take a listen and give Casie some love! Check her out on sound cloud and the other 10,000+ people that love her on Facebook!
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