Well, I'm going camping this weekend. Why? Oh I don't know why, it's only the weekend before my birthday so let's do what Michael wants to do. Right?!

Camping trip a few months back. Be prepared for some really great pics on instagram like above this weekend.

I'll admit it, I'm actually excited to go. Get away from Dallas. Eat smore's. A nap will occur. Watch the boys fish and the dogs play. I'll read a book and go for a hike, as I won't even think about putting on an ounce of makeup.
But still, it will be cold. It's also supposed to rain. Apparently Michael thinks I'm resilient to this. But maybe I am. A few years ago we happened to go camping on the coldest day of the year in Texas. My feet were literally never warm. However, there is some good news in all of this.

I've always been concerned in putting the least amount of effort possible when getting dressed. Asking the question “do I have to shave my legs for this?” gives insight into how your evening might go. You probably will have to show your actual leg skin (which apparently right now mine is in a contest to be the palest, and I'm winning) wear something fancy and act  put together. Something I want to avoid altogether if I can. 

So even though I have to brave the elements, I know I will not have to shave my legs for this. 
Here are some other things you don't have to shave your legs for:
Sitting around on the couch watching TV.
Girl's night.
The month of January.
Playing Cards Against Humanity with friends.
Going to the movies.
While fun, you do have to shave your legs for this:
Going to the beach.
Having an intimate night with your lover (JK, I definitely don't. I just wanted to throw the word lover in there).
Job Interviews.
The month of July. 
A gala. 
Pool parties.
I'm really over shaving. Maybe for my birthday this year (it's on Tuesday in case you're wondering) I will ask for laser hair removal. That way I won't even have to think about it. Who am I kidding, I really never do.
What's something you don't or do have to shave your legs for?

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