Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year on the road. I'm one of those people. We make a 7 hour trek from Dallas to Baton Rouge almost every year. But this year, we're in luck. Sirius XM (that's radio that you pay for, with no commercials and you can play whatever songs you love) is free for two weeks furing Thanksgiving. That means I've got it tuned to channel 51, BPM.

So this weekend playlist is all about the traveling tunes, inspired by the station BPM.

1. Showtek Ft We are Loud and Sonny Wilson “Booyah”

This song has a great beat and starts out soft and then really hits you. This is another one that isn't on Spotify (GET IT TOGETHER SPOTIFY). This is a jam, especially at about 1:27. It makes me want to Say “booyah!” all day.

2. Galantis “Smile”

This is a really pretty song that instantly puts me in a good mood. This song has a different vibe and has a hypnotic beat.

3. Kat Krazy Feat Elkka “Siren”

This is another beautiful song, that's great for when you're trying to concentrate on the road but need to listen to something that won't put you to sleep! It's energetic but at the same time easy listening.

4. Shy Kidx “Orion”

Shy Kidx is new on the scene (at least to me he is) and I have a feeling he's here to stay. This song makes me feel like I might be in outer space, and I like that.

5. John Newman- Kove Remix “Love Me Again”

If I can belt out a song in the car (sing really really loud) then it's a jam. I love to sing this one while trying not to hit other cars because I'm jamming so hard. I love this track. Super fast paced and awesome.

6. Ferry Corsten Feat Jenny Wahlstrom “Many Ways”

Upbeat and energetic is the best way to describe this song.

7. Seven Lions & Myon and Shane 54 “Strangers”

I am a big Seven Lions fan- he just knows what he's doing and it's no different with this song. If I was driving at night I would definitely be listening to this song. Also it makes me sappy and think of my husband.

8. DVBBS & Borgeous “Tsunami”

Be careful when driving and listening to this song. I get so excited trying to throw my hands up I have to remember there is a steering wheel.

9. Mako ft. Angel Taylor “Beam”

I love the high notes and the signer's voice. It almost like it transports you. Much like you're doing with your car, but you know.

10. Sub Focus & Alpines “Tidal Wave”

Saving one of my absolute favorites for last. This song is a combination of everything I love: beautiful voice, starts slower- then picks up the pace- I love this song. The video is really pretty too.

Hope you are having fun on the road!

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