I catch myself quoting movies all the time. Whether it's subconsciously or unconsciously. There are some movie quotes that just stick with you. But I am convinced I could go an entire day just speaking in movie quotes.

That day would look something like this:

Waking up:

Substitute school for work. So true. Whether it's rain or shine, every time.

Driving to work:

When I'm assigned something dumb at work:

Eating lunch:

When someone asks what I'm doing:

Talking to someone about my blog:

Talking to my coworkers about their dates:

Rearranging furniture:

When Michael asks about my new blog friend:

When Michael asks me to do the dishes:
When Hugo does something bad but it's also pretty cool:

My comeback for everything:

When I make a new friend:

If Michael and I are in a fight, at first I'm like:

But then I'm like:

Cheering up a friend:

Deciding what to eat for dinner:

Going to bed:

Yes, I could easily do this. What movie quotes or movies would you use in your day?