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Helene in Between
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When I started this post I had of an idea of where I was going to go with it. But that got completely derailed when I started searching for Halloween costumes. For some reason, this year I'm really struggling. If you want to give me your bright idea, that would be great

But as I was looking at old costumes I thought I would reminisce on how Halloween changes as you get older. The good and the bad, the funny and the skanky, it's all part of being a girl on Halloween.

Halloween Through the Years:

You don't have a choice, you're going as some form of an animal. Your parents dressed you and they are super excited for their little lion's first Halloween. Even more excited than you. You'll be the cutest thing ever. Everyone will say so.

You are dressing yourself and you want to wear every color of the rainbow while at the same time being every Disney princess. You get more candy this year than ever before. And ever again.

Pre Teen
Me: “Mom Can I wear makeup”
Mom: No

I want to look really cute. But also kinda slutty. But not too slutty. I wonder if my mom will let me wear this out of the house?

But can I drink in this?

Adult Phase 1
I don't care, I'm wearing this. Also, I need to be comfortable.

Adult Phase 2:
I'll look so good in this at the Halloween party.

That rule about girls not talking bad about you when you're dressed slutty it totally made up.

Adult Phase 3: Couples Costume
I doesn't matter what he says, we are dressing as a couple. And he will like it.

What? you didn't want to be a scarecrow?
Adult Phase 4:
I'm not into Halloween this year. I'll just wear black and throw on a witch hat for $3.99 at Walgreens.
Last year, with my walker as my flying contraption.
Final Phase:
Halloween is the best and I'm gonna school everyone with my awesome costume. No really. It's going to be the best ever. I'm going all out. 
What stage are you in?



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