I've been very lucky to have traveled to some pretty amazing places abroad. Paris, London, Scotland, Ireland, Amsterdam to name a few. All are full of historic buildings dating back 1,000s and 1,000s of years ago. I recently got back from a trip to Europe (Belgium and Spain), specifically to go to the music festival in Boom, Belgium: Tomorrowland.

But with all my focus on the festival, I didn't get to mention about one of the amazing things I got to do while there. Sunday, the last day of the festival we decided to use our morning to explore the small town we stayed in called Mechelen.
We ventured around the cobblestone streets, stared at gorgeous stained glass in chapels and churches and marveled at the wood carvings that have held the test of time. But there is one thing that everyone we met recommended: take a brewery tour at Het Anker (“The Anchor”).

After exploring the town we made our way for the brewery tour. We didn't realize what we stumbled into.
Our tour guide explained that the brewery started in 1471. That's a loooong time ago. Despite large beer companies trying to buy the company, it has remained family owned to this day.
We learned all about how it's made, the old process of letting it cool outside. How it gets its flavor, the hops.

We got to see a wonderful view of the city from the roof and then it was finally time to taste the beer.

One thing about me: I hate beer. I told our tour guide that I wanted to try it but I really just wasn't a fan of beer.
That all changed that day. I tried the Gouden Carolus Triple and I loved it. It was smooth with a hint of sweetness that went down easily.

No wonder I like it, Gouden Carolus happens to have won “best beer” in the world twice in the past two years!
Now that I'm back in the States I have tried to find this beer everywhere! Not only is it delicious, it has history behind it. I guess I have an excuse to venture back to Belgium, if only for the beer!

We also tried their dark beer, which I surprisingly liked too! But I prefer the triple.

Do you have a favorite beer? Or are beer hater like me? (Of course, now reformed after this beer!)

Link up and tell me and Casey about any place you visited or want to visit that have history!

Helene in Between
Helene in Between