For once in my life, I decided to watch football. I'll tell you right now, watching sports is not my thing. I grew up in a house with a baseball fanatic father, so that's pretty much the only one I watch. Typically, I have to actually be at a game to pay attention. 
But this time I was going to immerse myself in the sport. I was going to watch every play and cheer when my team ran the ball down to the end zone and scored a goal. Just kidding, I know it's called a touch down. Just keeping you on your toes. 
Granted it was a very big game, apparently, for A&M and Alabama. Michael went to A&M so I had to root for them. Please spare me how your hate for the quarterback, Johnny Manziel. If you were a sophomore in college and girls were throwing themselves at you, people were throwing money at you, and you became an instant celebrity; you might do and say some dumb things too. 

Anyway, on to the game. I dressed myself in maroon and white and pretended like I knew what was going on. I'll admit I was very lost. Passing interference. What's that? Offensive Holding. Huh?
Sarah is not impressed. 

Throughout the game I would constantly ask Michael questions but he also had no clue. 
This is one thing I really love about Michael. He doesn't spend his entire Sunday or Saturday or whatever day football is on, glued to the TV without doing anything else that day. 
But you know what is good about football? Food and drinks. It's never ending. When your teams winning, everyone is cheersing with beer or beverage of choice. If your team is losing then everyone is stress eating. 
And you know what? I can totally be down with that.
Just not every weekend, please.

Other things I did this weekend that were more interesting than watching football:

-Watched the MTV Ke$ha documentary. And cried.
-Ate Mexican food and shared a 60 ounce picture of margarita.
Also note my friend's terrible mustache. It's not movember yet.

-Took a walk in the park and saw a coyote, in the middle of Dallas!

– Went to the grand opening on Quesa-d-ya's near our house. If you're in the Dallas area I highly recommend checking them out. All fresh ingredients and they deliver. 
-And most importantly, beat Michael in tennis. 

How was your weekend?

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