Right now my little sister is participating in Rush at LSU. Tomorrow, she will hopefully get a bid from a sorority and run down the street in excitement to meet her new “sisters.”
I helped her prepare for recruitment at LSU. And like all other hopefuls, she had to get about 40 different packets ready to be sent to the Panhellenic Office (the organization that oversees the sororities) so that she can be part of this wonderful tradition of sisters in the bond. 
Sorority girls sometimes get a bad rap. Especially when one girl ruins it for all of us by writing a letter to her chapter cussing them out and telling them how to treat frat guys. 
I was in a sorority, and you know what, it was actually kind of OK. 
Here's why:
1. You make great friends with all different kinds of girls!* 
*Most of the girls will be just like you, but that's what you wanted anyway so get over it. We have to say it like this. It's politically correct. So when we say “different” we actually mean from different states. 
2. There are tons of parties and events!*

*You have to pay to go to be in this sorority so you are essentially paying for these formals and events. The fraternities that invite you to these events are sometimes stupid bros but you will learn to just avoid those people or marry them. Good luck!
3. You will make friends with other sororities and be friends with them!!*
can you spot me?

*I certainly did. But that's only because I was a Rho Gamma (aka I disaffiliated from my sorority and helped freshmen go through recruitment for 2 semesters). This can be possible if you learn to not think every other sorority that isn't yous “sucks.” Have an open mind and don't listen to the rumors. 

4. Recruitment is a blast!* You will become closer with your pledge class and have fun meeting new girls and participating in the skit!
* Recruitment might have been my least favorite part. I just wanted to take a nap. Everyone has to be on their best behavior and you lose your voice after 3 days from yelling and screaming all the songs and skits.
Ok fine, I loved it. I was the lion in the skit one year and I got to sing Britney Spears style and have backup dancers. And also, I love singing loud for all to hear. Even if my voice cracks.
5. Theme parties!
I'm bottom left.

No asterisk here, theme parties are the best. Still are. 

6. Sorority girls are held up to a standard of respect and honor. *
You are expected to maintain good grades while still having an active social life.
*Don't get drunk and fall down in public. OK, in private.
7. Sorority girls are the nicest you will ever meet!*
so much velour, so little time (this was Freshmen year after all). 

*I know you're laughing out loud at that one. Sure. We can be bitches. Can't we all? But you will have some friends, at the very least, that you can count on. College is scary enough and this way you have some people to lean on. 

So there you have it.
With all this said, I would still join a sorority.
I loved it.
And if I had to do it again, I wouldn't change a thing. Being in a sorority is not just OK, it's a blast. 
Good luck lil sis, If you get cut, I'll surely cut them!

Happy Bid Day!

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