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Helene in Between
Helene in Between

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So what inspires me?
Well it's a lot of things. I thought I would make a collage to start it off (note, collages are time sucking little things that I won't be doing another one for a long time.)

This one is first since it's what inspires me the most. There are many, many bloggers that inspire me each and every day with their writing and ideas. I can't possibly list them all here. If you are actually reading this then you probably know you inspire me. But today I'm going to talk about two.
The first being Taylor from The Daily Tay. I started following Taylor when I first started blogging and I was and still am in awe. She is a wonderful writer, through and through. Her posts make me laugh and she's not even trying. She inspires me to continue writing for myself while still keeping it funny.
The second blogger is my friend Sarah. Now before you start rolling your eyes because she is my friend, let me explain. We have become very close in a short amount of time. I talk to her a lot about what I'm thinking to write about. I bounce ideas off of her. We talk a lot about blogging, as well as our life. In fact, my post from yesterday stems from a conversation we had on Saturday! On a less personal note her design and creativity also inspires me to make my posts prettier. Something I REALLY need to work on.
The non bloggers that inspire me are my husband, my friends and my dog (yes I'm counting the dog as a person).
Michael does some of the dumbest stuff which is all the more reason for blog material. But mostly, I get inspiration from myself. I do a lot of really really quirky things, and I'm not afraid to tell you about it. Even if it scares people. That's not to say I'm interesting, I'm just weird and I find inspiration in weirdness.

I have been lucky enough to get to travel to a lot of different places. My goal is to travel to as many as I can. I think traveling gives you a different perspective which helps you come up with more blog material (also you get to talk about where you went!) Here's a few:

I am no music expert but I am just so passionate about music and the artists that produce it. I wish I had a smidge of that kind of talent. But listening to songs inspires my writing in so many ways. I feel like music can transport you, whether it's a place or an emotion, it can help you release what's inside. I know I sound weird but that's what it does for me.

You know I had to sneak one more picture of Tomorrowland before I left for my trip.

I'm a big fan of Buzzfeed. I crack up reading their lists of the most random things (which inspires a lot of my lists). But it's also a news source for me. (So sue me.) I love that I can come to one place to find out about everything going on of interest on the internet (and the world). Some other sites I love: Refinery 29, College Humor, Daily Candy, and Lonely Planet.

I think what inspires me the most is just going out and doing something. Anything.
Now you tell me, what inspires you?
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