This weekend I did a lot of this:

Do I have enough neon for my trip? I'm worried.

Ate a lot of this:

I ate pizza for dinner Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Judge Away.

Saw a lot of these (Saturday was a Jorts in July Party)

Saw one of my faves.

Oh and received this. People like Adriana make blogging worth it.

So I am leaving for Europe in 3 days. (Which also means I have a short work week).

I will be honest, I get travel anxiety. REAL bad. I don't really know exactly why or when it started. I'm not afraid to fly or anything like that. But when I know I'm going on a flight for a number of days I get freaked out. It's really dumb and annoying, but I can't help it.

This time last year, when I flew to Europe, I had a full on panic attack. Crying. No, wailing. Freaking out. And I had kind of a good reason, I just didn't know it yet.

You see last year, as we checked in for our flights from Dallas to Belgium I made one mistake. I forgot one small detail. I forgot to get my passport changed. It still had my maiden name on it. The airline doesn't like that. Especially when you're flying internationally.

They threatened that I would just need to miss my flight and have to fly the next day after all the documents were changed. But I just couldn't do that. I had somewhere to be. I was going to Tomorrowland after all. There was no time for this.

flying internationally with friends

So my name was changed on my ticket to my maiden name and we thought everything was all fine and dandy. Wrong. We missed our connecting flight from Newark, New Jersey to Sweden. And therefore my name was now all wrong on everything again.

Long story short; we waited 3 hours for a connecting flight which made us miss a large chunk of the music festival for Friday. The way home from the trip I was almost stuck in Germany for what I thought would be the rest of my life. I was also running around the airport with no sleep and the dress I wore to the club the night before because we decided to just stay up all night and then catch our flight in the morning.

So moral of the story, one thing to check is your name, on all your documents. And then check them again.

Let's hope this year's travel experience isn't that eventful. And that I can keep my anxiety in check.

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