Trust is such an interesting thing. We have to trust people every day. With people we don't even know and people that we are close to.

This weekend Michael had to trust this hammock-tent-thingamajig to make sure it wouldn't drop him while he slept when he went camping. It did the job.

And then there's Sarah. She had to trust me.
We planned to go to dinner Saturday night and the rest was up in the air. Up in the air always means dancing for me. ALWAYS.
What bar was I bringing her too? Who are these people I call friends that she's meeting? What if I was just catfishing her the first time we met and I'm just freaking weird and lie about everything on this blog?
All valid questions and reasons to worry.
But Sarah was awesome and went with the flow. And we had a blast.
Went to dinner and she we ran into some of my high school friends I hadn't seen in a while.

Came over to my house for drinks and met the dog.

Went to my new fave spot in Dallas: Corner bar. To dance. Naturally.

So lesson is: you should always trust your intuition and I most likely will show you a good time if you're willing to get down.

Sami's Shenanigans

I also trust that you will love my featured sponsor, Lindsey of Life on Countryside.

1. When did you decide to start blogging (aka, what inspired you?)
I started REALLY blogging in January.  Even though I have had this blog since February of 2012.  My blog was originally going to be about all things DIY – since I had just closed on my townhouse.  But after I ran across Whitney's page it inspired me to change the direction of my blog…and I am so thankful that I did.  So thank you Ms. I Wore Yoga Pants!
2. Tell me your most embarrassing moment?
Is it crazy that I can't think of anything embarrassing to share with you?  I blame this on the fact that they are so embarrassing that I push them out of my brain and force myself to not remember them!  But speaking of memories…maybe it's just me but I find it crazy how I don't remember a whole lot about being 3 and 4 – but there are some memories that I talk to my mom about and she looks at my like a dear in headlights and says “how do you even remember THAT?!” She then asks if I remember other things and I give her the same look back and say “WHY would I remember THAT?!”  I don't know where I am going with this but it really boggles my mind that you can remember some stuff so well and others you couldn't pay me with a winning Powerball Ticket to remember!
3. Tell us more about your wedding invitation business!
I got married in 2009 and did everything myself.  Everyone complimented me on my invites and I thought maybe I had “something.”  So I started elle rae ink in 2010.  I do custom wedding invites, programs, place cards, menus, table seatings, table numbers, etc. If it involves paper – I do it!  I can ship them too, so even thought I am in MN, I take clients all over the U.S.
4. What have you learned from blogging so far? 
That this little community is amazing!  I have met so many amazing people so far and have only been really blogging for 5 months.  I have some great friends who I have yet to meet – but will.  I have met some great people in real life too – MN Bloggers where you at?!  I also learned that blogging is something you should do for fun!  I realize that eventually if you get “big” enough it turns into work.  But for now….my blog is for fun.  I used to worry so much about daily views and followers, but then I got so hung up on that, and that wasn't making blogging fun to me. I also learned to write for yourself – and as long as you are true to yourself the readers and views will come!  
5. What are some of your nick names? For you or your dog? 
My friends call me Linds usually, or LinZ (same thing but Lin Zee is how you really spell my name).  some people also call me elle (pronounced L E, not EL).  I love elle the best…to me I think it's cute.  As far as Mia goes – she has adopted the name Monkey.  I tend to find nicknames for all animals, and never call them their real name again.  My other dogs name is Chloe (who lives with my mom).  She is half wiener dog, half chihuahua – I call her Weiner or Weenie.  My old dog Jasmine adopted the name Kitty.  
6. What's your current favorite song right now?
Right now I jam to Mirrors by JT.  But also if anything comes on Pandora by Michael Jackson, you can bet I crank it up as loud as I can.
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