Helene in Between

Helene in Between

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It seems I'm at it again.
What am I at, exactly?
Sneaking in.
My first Travel Tuesday post I talked about sneaking into Westminster Abbey with my mom.
This time, I'm sneaking into the Louvre in Paris.

I know it's bad, but it feels so good. 
JK. (kinda)
There is a story behind this.
You see, we pre-purchased all museum passes (which frankly, is a very good idea). 
Well, when we pre-ordered the Lourve tickets we were a bit confused and most of the directions were in French. 
We get to the Lourve with a little print out saying something about tickets. We go to counter after counter and they keep sending us to different desks.
Finally we are like, forget it. And we just show this little print out, piece of paper, to the guy taking tickets.
He just let's us in. No questions asked.
We are all looking at each other like, um what?! We just snuck into the Lourve!
I'm not encouraging you try it or anything but it was pretty funny.
Anyway on to the good stuff: the pics.
That's me. Not being awkward at all…
A Statue at the Louvre
I was unsuccessfully trying to make Mona Lisa's expression.

Have you ever snuck in anywhere?