Another great weekend. Why must it be Monday?
Monday is a horrible way to spend 1/7th of your life.
But let's forget about that and think about the weekend. 
My post is titled camp out for 2 reasons. I went out in Austin Friday night and Saturday we went camping. See how clever I am? No. OK.
We drove from Dallas to Austin on Friday and stayed in the lovely America's Best Value Inn which now owns my makeup bag.
I love a good orange wall.
We met up with some friends and went out to 6th street.
Dancing + Fireball+Vine= a good night.
Saturday we woke up at the crack of dawn 10:45 and headed down to Perdernales Falls.
But before we did that we had to take this picture.
How badly do you wish you were our friend? Pretty badly is my bet.
The weather was great. A little cloudy so we didn't have to wear sunscreen and not too hot. Although there was the random hail that came down for a few minutes.
We explored a little bit and then they went fishing. 
After some successful fishing and hiking we went and found a campsite.
Here are some of the animals we encountered:
JK. This is at Cabela's. But I totally fooled you, didn't I?
Sunday we went to Hamilton Pool, a natural pool that was created by erosion. 
There was a flood that made the water all muddy. It was still pretty but instead of using my pictures here is what it normally looks like:
image source 
 Then it was back to Dallas and back to Mondays.
How was your weekend?

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