Have you seen the movie trailer for Hallie Berry's new movie, “The Call”? 
Well I have and it scared the shit out of me. 
Unfortunately, I experienced something similar Thursday night. 

Let me set the scene. 
There have been a rash of rapes and burglaries in my neighborhood.
Like it's really bad. The news was here the other night to come to the crime watch meeting. And this is a nice neighborhood.

So Thursday night Michael comes home.
And tells me: don't get freaked out but there were helicopters chasing a guy down our street.

Fast forward to us being asleep.
We hear a noise. Well actually, the dog hears a noise and gets up. Then we hear some tapping on the glass.
Michael gets out his gun and tells me to call the police.
I get on the phone with the operator and as soon as I do I see two hands tapping the glass of my bedroom window.
The operator tells me to stay calm but I'm shaking so hard I feel like I might have a heart attack.

Michael thinks there are two of them.
The operator asks my address.
I can barely speak I'm so scared.
I try to tell her but she can't hear me.
Finally, I squeak it out.

After about 10 minutes, the police come.
We answer the door and it's a very pretty lady cop. Which has nothing to do with anything.
She doesn't look very concerned and asks us to step outside.
I have no idea what she said because I am still so freaked out but I see our neighbor waving and apologizing.

Let me tell you what happened. Michael LEFT THE GARAGE DOOR OPEN. And our neighbor was trying to let us know.
But he was DRUNK so he was tapping on the glass like a freak.

The main thing I took away from this night was that Michael is a bad ass.
He got up and got ready to handle whatever was about to happen.
He is a man.
And that makes me feel safe and happy.
And also our 50 year old neighbor needs to not get drunk at 1am on a Thursday.

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