PARENTAL ADVISORY: This post contains cuss words. If you are afraid of cuss words please leave.

MTV recently released their “hottest MCs” of the year, so I thought I would talk about one of my favorite subjects: rap music.
I have been listening to rap and hip hop since I was in 6th grade.
My 6th grade boyfriend gave me the CD, Blackstreet's “No Diggity” and I was hooked.
My dear Sexa Lexa even calls me Gangsta Lene. 
Some people don't listen to rap. And I get it. It's pretty terrible (sometimes). 
But it does teach you lots of lessons, such as:

Going stupid does not mean you're stupid.

Lil Wayne taught me it will make you act crazy. It can also mean to dance in a crazy way. I guess I act pretty stupid all the time (see also, going dumb). I love going stupid.

The word bitch has A LOT of meanings.
Dr. Dre says that “Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks” True, but bitches can also be “bad” which actually means you are quite good. “Bad bitch contest you in first place,” clearly you want to place in this contest, hosted by 2 Chainz. You can be “in this bitch,” like you're in the club. Or the mall. Or even at the grocery store. So next time you're at Forever 21 yell out: “I'm here! I'm in this Bitch!”

Making up words is acceptable.

Snoop Dogg gave us “Fo Shizzle”, Hot Boys liked to talk about their jewelry as “Bling Bling” (also shout out to my middle school dance team when we danced to this song in 7th grade.) Lil Jon loves to get “crunk” and Ying Yang Twins prefer to “Twerk.” And if you're called “Phat” don't fret. It means you are cool or good looking. Not fat, like the derogatory term. Whew. I must be pretty cool.

You're not drinking enough. 

You should be doing at least 200 shots and after that you're going to need to dive into a swimming pool full of liquor. Kendrick Lamar did it. So I can too. You also need to try something new, funky cold Medina or purple drank, the list goes on. Branch out. And if you “ain't getting drunk” you'll have to leave so just do some “Shots” with LMFAO.

And we can't talk about just the guy rappers. Don't you dare mess with the women rappers. Like Nicki Minaji. She will straight up go #2 on you. Or Missy Elliot will hock a loogie up in your face if you're not quiet. 
Be Fashionable.
Flo Rida likes boots with the fur. Jay Z appreciates that Hermes Birkin bag. Nelly prefers that you just remove all clothing, especially when it's Hott. And go all out. If you're mama gave it to you, let it show. It's from her anyway. But don't you dare step on someone's shoes. 

And lastly and most importantly,
Make up a dance to your song. Soulja Boy introduced us to superman moves. California Swag District taught us how to “Dougie.” I can't go to a bar without doing the “Cupid Shuffle:” by none other than Cupid. And one of my personal faves: “Pop, Lock and Drop it”. It's wear I find my swag.

So thanks for the lessons. I feel like I learn more everyday.

Has rap taught you anything?

Since this whole post is about rap I think it goes well for Whitney's New link up #backthatazzup! 

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