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Your Instagram audience is out there. But you need the content that makes them follow you.

It's time to start creating an audience that cares. And that starts with YOUR content. But we don't have time to spend all day creating. That's what I'm here for.

If Instagram is stressing you out. If you don't know what is working RIGHT now. And you want to create a REAL audience that cares on Instagram, this is for you!

Let me guess… you're spending tons of time thinking of the *perfect* Instagram caption. Hoping that you'll encourage likes and comments and even followers. But it doesn't always seem to work.

And, you're STRESSING over Instagram!

That's where Instagram Content System comes in. The ONLY course that teaches you how to formulate captions that convert.

Stop wasting time on content no one cares about. Start formulating captions that convert followers into fans.

Creating Instagram captions is time consuming. On average, entrepreneurs spend about 64% of their time CREATING content. And while content is essential, we need more time to work on the things we love doing.


The time saving and research driven strategy to help you grow your engagement on Instagram.

It's 3pm on a Tuesday and you NEED to share to Instagram. Maybe you just took some great photos, or you have some images you already know you can share.

But how can you convey your message? How can you garner interaction and REAL interest?

That's where Instagram Content System comes in. Easily manage your content while finding captions that WORK for you.

An Instagram post without a caption is like a book without a cover. Instagram is a continuous narrative and your captions are the salacious details that connect you with your readers. It can be tricky to gain engagement on Instagram. But one of the best ways to grow your engagement (and followers!) is to write a well thought out, intriguing, or funny caption. Thinking of Instagram captions can be time consuming and draining, so I’m saving you the hassle.

We put so much pressure on ourselves, especially when it comes to Instagram, that our mind might draw a blank when it comes to formulating captions. While quotes and song lyrics can be great, they don’t always stop people in their tracks. What we want is people to double-tap on our photos and invite our followers to join in our journey.

Of course, our images are the first thing someone will see while scrolling their Instagram feed. But the caption helps them to take action: like, comment, follow, or take you up on your request. Photos don’t always say a 1,000 words. Remember, your followers don’t have you memorized. They don’t remember that you live in Europe with your two dogs and husband. You need to remind them of who you are and what you’re about. That helps establish a connection, which is all that truly counts on Instagram.

What happens when your captions make people stop, read, and engage?

your engagement explodes.

Create content that generates engagement and wins over your followers.

Creating CONSISTENT content is one of the best ways to attract attention and grow your followers. But we want followers that CARE. The Instagram Content System helps you find your strengths and perfect the art of winning Instagram captions.

Backed by a research driven strategy aimed to help you grow your engagement.

These are the exact strategies I use to grow my Instagram and reach my goals. Ultimately, I want people to read my blog. I consistently get 300,000 views a month. And my number 3 source for traffic? INSTAGRAM! I know that my captions help drive this traffic and help me reach the right audience.

I want the same for you!

When you tell stories that your audience cares about, you become indispensable. They will KEEP COMING BACK. And that’s the secret to getting people to stick around.

Inside the course you'll find:

Video tutorials to help you understand what works and how to formulate captions, a workbook, a calendar, and a planner to help you meet your goals!

If you're ready to see a difference on Instagram, don't delay and get the Instagram content system

The only course out there of its kind!


Hi! I'm Helene

I travel about 80% of the time, run my own business, and like to keep an active social life. This means I DESPISE wasting time on Instagram captions. But I know just how important they are.

I've spent the last 8 years working in social media and marketing, and as a full time blogger. I know the power of Instagram captions and I want to help you create ones that count.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Guess what? It’s NOT about having incredible photos on Instagram. It’s about creating a connection.

It's time to create captions that convert.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I get access to the course?
FOREVER! Once you sign up, you have access forever!

Do you offer refunds?
Sure do. If you try out the course and don't see a difference you have 14 days to return it. You do need to show that you did the work.

How long will the course take me?
This is a short course designed to give you everything you need upfront. The course can be completed in its entirety in about 3-4 hours!

What forms does the course come in?
You get videos, a workbook, calendar, and an ebook.

I'm an entrepreneur, influencer, blogger, mom, side-hustler, photographer, newbie, will this work for me ?
This course is designed for ANYONE who wants to seriously grow their engagement on Instagram. Doesn't matter where you are in your journey, if you're ready to learn what works for captions, this course is for YOU.

** Backed by a 14-day money back guarantee!**

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