You guys I am so excited right now. I'm trying to very thoughtful and write a cool intro to this post but all I can think is: did you see I made a quiz?!

Alright, time to get real. Because I want to explain the immense thought and careful crafting behind this blogging quiz. One of the best ways to grow your blog is to have an understanding of what your audience wants to see PLUS your unique passions and purpose. But that can often be very hard to understand. What if you're just starting out? What if you have no clue? What if you'd just like some direction? The basic idea behind this quiz is to give you some insight into what really works (or might not work) based on your goals, passions, and answers.

It's like the Myers Brigg test, but for your blog. Plus it will only take a few minutes (it's just 8 multiple choice questions). On top of that, the quiz will show you your strengths, what areas you can work on, and how you can succeed with your blog.
It's like the Myers Brigg test, but for your blog. Click To TweetWhether you're a new blogger, an old pro, or would just like to see what type of blogger you are, this quiz will help. It's my belief the world needs your blog and voice. You know that a blog means more traffic, credibility, leads, business, money, community, and so much more. It's not always easy to know the type of blog for YOU that will succeed. In my experience, there are 4 types of bloggers that are successful. This quiz will help you find out which one you are:

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