Monetizing your blog and Instagram. That is the end-all be-all for bloggers and Instagrammers. I'll admit it, I put a lot of time and effort into my posts and ‘grams. I would like to make some money from all that hard work. There seems to be endless opportunities for fashion bloggers. But what about lifestyle and travel bloggers? Luckily, RewardStyle and have made it easier for us to make money using their platform. And in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, or how to use them, I'm going to show you how.

When Rewardstyle launched a few years ago, fashion bloggers everywhere rejoiced. The reason? This simple tool connected brands — think big names like Nordstrom, Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and stores like American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, and ASOS — to their site and items, and the bloggers received a small income when their readers linked to them.

Basically, it's simple affiliate marketing. When I link to my favorite hosting site, SiteGround, and one of my readers clicks it (you should if you need hosting) and buy it, I receive a small commission. This is how it works for fashion bloggers.

But the wonderful thing about RewardStyle (and for that matter) is that you can do it all in one space. Meaning, I can check my affiliate commissions from all the retailers and see all of my affiliate links, all on the RewardStyle website. So it makes it super simple and easy to manage.

A back story about this program, because I have a unique connection to it. When I went to college (back in 2009) fashion blogging was a newly-budding industry. I majored in corporate communications, where we learned ways to apply online skills in the PR world. Many of the women I went to school with became successful fashion bloggers.

One of these is Amber Venz. We attended SMU, took some of the same communications classes, and were also Kappas together. I remember her distinct style, dressing very cutting edge, yet impeccably lovely. She worked hard, created her own jewelry line, and seemed to always be embarking on a new project.

Today, she and her husband own RewardStyle and Shortly after college they began working on this now worldwide project, that has sincerely changed the game for fashion bloggers. Amber built this to meet her needs as a fashion blogger. In the process, she helped other fashion bloggers, who, like her, had been featuring various brands on their blogs for free. Now she gets a commission, as do other fashion bloggers. And it works.

But what about lifestyle bloggers and travel bloggers? Can't we get some skin in the game? Good news. Hell yes, we can.

How Lifestyle and Travel Bloggers Can Use RewardStyle and LiketoKnowIt


Here's howLifestyle and Travel bloggers can use RewardStyle and

First, sign up for When you do, and you “like” photos with links on their Instagrams, you'll get an email filled with “shoppable” posts. This is freaking awesome.


For example, let's say you like a scarf or sweater I'm wearing in an Instagram. When you “like” this image, you don't have to click through your phone to try to figure out where this hat is or how to buy it. It's conveniently sent to your email inbox, so you can shop it when you want!


OR with a blog post, I can link the scarf and the sweater right here. What's awesome is that once I link it, I can save everything I've linked inside of the RewardStyle platform. So when I wear this again (because, duh, I will) I can find it and easily link it again.

Here's how it looks live on Instagram:


Let's get started. I'll help you better understand how to use it.

So, click here to sign up for


Once you sign up, and you “like” images with these links, you'll get the emails in your inbox. You can also set up how often these emails come, so it won't seem like spam. Bloggers and Instagrammers receive a small commission if someone buys something from these links, but it doesn't add anything to YOUR price. Basically, you're marketing for these companies, who want people to buy and wear their clothes. And for that, they give you a small commission. It's a win-win.

Here's how it looks in your inbox:



Once you have a account, you can even see your past likes. When you log in, you’ll be taken to your profile page where you’ll see featured photos. In the upper right-hand corner you’ll see the Menu tab. In the drop down menu you’ll notice “My Likes.” Here you can easily access all your “liked” photos and shop them directly.


The Downsides

Of course, there are some downsides. While I do love this platform, they don't accept everyone. This can feel a bit “cliquish,” like you're left out as far as fashion bloggers go. (But that's a post for another day). Signing up to be a Rewardstyle publisher (do that here) can take months for approval. MONTHS. With anything, there are drawbacks. But, this platform can really help you make money from items you're already blogging about or wearing.

How to Use it for YOUR Blog

How to Use RewardStyle and

I know you might be thinking … Helene, this doesn't apply to me. But guess what, we all wear clothes. So first, you can link what you wear or what makeup you use on your blog. I love to follow what other travel and lifestyle bloggers are wearing. Chances are, it's more affordable and it's more wearable.

Second, RewardStyle and have expanded their reach. Now, instead of just focusing on fashion, they have tons of links to other industries — home, tech, gear, etc. You can even link things through Amazon and Etsy! So this really opens up what you can link.

Here are some examples. Let's say you're a travel blogger. You could link:

  • Your photography gear
  • Your travel must-haves
  • How to make a hotel more like home (link home goods)
  • Your travel makeup

As for lifestyle bloggers you can link:

  • Your home decor (can also be seasonal!)
  • Your go-to makeup
  • What's in your bag (believe it or not, you can probably link ALL of this!)
  • Best Etsy finds
  • Really… the possibilities are endless.

Basically, if you can purchase it online, chances are you can link it. It's a great resource for your readers and to make some extra income. Please check out what I've linked to right here.

Who else can use RewardStyle and Youtubers, mommy bloggers, beauty bloggers, fitness bloggers, Instagrammers … basically anyone with a public platform. Of course, this won't work for everyone. But it doesn't hurt to try! You never know, you might be able to make some real money on the side.

So, have you signed up? Do you use it? Have any tips you want to share?

P.S. I'm on Instagram @heleneinbetween.