Summer will always have a nostalgic effect on me. It's characteristically whimsical and magical and filled with possibilities. Growing up, I spent most long days and nights at the pool reapplying SPF 30 to my golden skin or driving with the windows down listening to the radio with my girlfriends while we unabashedly flirted with boys.
It used to be that once I was let out of school, Summer had officially started. But now that I'm a full blown adult it has a bit of a different feeling. There are a few things that signify the start of Summer.
You know it's summer when….
1. I can't leave the house or step outside without accumulating a sweat mustache
2. You start planning for summer vacations
3. I wish that I'd pay more attention to my “summer body”
4. You crave popsicles
5. You forget what day of the week it is
6. You perpetually smell like sunless tanner
7. Summer jams give you life
8. Pool parties are the best kind of parties
9. Baseball games are in full swing
10. It's festival season
Anyone that knows me, knows that music festivals are my happy place. I do love concerts, but music festivals allow you to float between various forms of music and help you to discover artists you'd never think to listen to before. Plus, they are just the most fun you can possibly have in a short amount of time.
And now it's finally festival season.
Couldn't hit up the festival without my AT&T GoPhone!
One frustration most people have at music festivals is connectivity. But with AT&T you can always stay connected, whether you want to Instagram or Snapchat or just text a friend. AT&T is hitting all of Summer's music festivals so you can stay connected with GoPhone. You want to be able to live in the moment and not try to get your phone working the whole time, that's what GoPhone does. It helps you to get back to the music and allows you to break free from contracts.
I attended a new one this year that I've never been to before: Riverbend Festival. Held on the banks of the river in Chattanooga, there are multiple stages with ample opportunities to hear great music and roam around the grounds checking out the lovely little boats docked nearby.
I partnered with AT&T to go the festival and see what it was all about. It's usually hard to get a signal or the perfect shot at a music festival, but I had no fear with my AT&T GoPhone. Plus, the setup at Riverbend makes it very easy to get around. And the views aren't bad.
 Riverbend is different from many festivals out there. It's celebrating 35 years and has 5 stages and takes place over 8 days. It starts later in the day, around 6pm with artists that play until about 11:30 pm. About 650,000 people attend over the 8 days with an eclectic group of performers on stage.


I got to hang at the AT&T booth and try out all the GoPhone's awesome features while keeping cool and grabbing some new sunglasses.



GoPhone is part of AT&T's 4G LTE network which reaches more than 300 million people. GoPhone IS a smartphone! You can choose from the latest models or it's compatible with most phones, including iPhones. GoPhone has a plan for everyone.

Whether you live nearby or have to travel from far away, put Riverbend Music Festival on your festival bucket list. It's the ideal
place for a music junkie or anyone looking for a good time.

Since festival season has officially started you can win your own AT&T GoPhone! Just enter using the Rafflecopter below:
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This post is sponsored by AT&T but the opinions are completely my own based on my own experience. 

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