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This weekend I did something really… odd. I flew from Nashville at 6:10 a.m. to Denver. After a four-hour flight delay, I picked up my friend Sarah. We drove 45 minutes, grabbed a rental car, then drove another three hours to Steamboat Springs. All this in order to attend the wedding of someone I have never met, at least not in person — the infamous Taylor of The Daily Tay.

Let me back up. Taylor and I talk daily. We both work for ourselves and both deal with the ups and downs of the “blog world.” She is my confidante in business and in blogging. I sincerely don't know what I would do if I couldn't talk to her about the stress involved.

When she invited me to her wedding, I immediately decided to go. I walked into my husband's office (we both work from home), handed him the invite, and said, so I am closer to Taylor than most people in this world. I must go. He agreed, “You only talk about Taylor every day. You have to go.”

Michael couldn't come. Unfortunately his mom is very ill and he needed to be with her in Dallas. So, I asked Sarah if she wouldn't mind doing all of the above traveling and attend a wedding where she wouldn't know anyone, not even the bride. She said yes. If that's not a good friend, I don't know what is.

steamboat_taywedding copy

When Sarah and I checked into the hotel we had exactly 14 minutes to get ready before racing to get to the wedding on time. We did not get there on time. We arrived two minutes late. I hated that the first time Taylor saw me in the flesh would be when I tried to creep in behind some wedding attendants to find our seats.

But I didn't care, I was thrilled to watch my friend get married in this beautiful, fairytale setting. Just look:



The wedding was absolutely stunning. The backdrop of mountains, with a soft breeze coming off the lake was idyllic. And the affection for the bride and groom was palpable. The white tents strung with lights sparkled over the colorful floral bouquets centering each table. The “Harlow,” a signature drink of grape juice and vodka, was a nod to their beloved dog.



Taylor dazzled in a perfect, made-for-her lace dress with rhinestone belt. Her bridesmaids each picked their own champagne colored, full-length frocks. The groomsmen wore navy which looked great against the lush mountain scenery. They said their own vows (as we all laughed) under a colorful flower canopy.


Delicious dinner, drinks flowing, and everyone dancing. But what floored me was the obvious adoration for the bride and groom. I found myself tearing up during speeches, nodding along to tales of Taylor's t-shirt tribulations and keeping up with Harlow.


No doubt these two started their marriage surrounded by loving support. That was evident on Saturday.


So, you might be wondering, did I feel weird? Not at all. I was seated with Taylor's “comedy friends” — all born performers who helped her sister/maid-of-honor nail her speech-turned-serenade, about Chris and Taylor. It was epic.

I felt right at home introducing myself to her family and friends who welcomed me with open arms. Most of all, I felt like I was meeting someone I've known forever, finally, for the first time.


I could not imagine a more perfect wedding. I think everyone there would agree. I felt so honored just to be there, and grateful to have a chance to meet the person I talk to on a daily basis before leaving the country indefinitely.

I guess my lesson in this is to just go for it. Do something that feels a little off or puts you out of your comfort zone. It's totally worth it.

Now, on to the next wedding of the week! I'm in Denver for one of my oldest and best friend's nuptials in Denver. I love love.


Wow! I never knew that you two have never met in real life! Well, it’s nice to know that you all had a wonderful time! 🙂

Looked beautiful and the snaps cracked me up

I’m glad I got a chance to spy a little bit! I was so curious about the day!

This all just makes me so happy. The snapchats were extremely entertaining 🙂

I love that you were invited! I love that you went! I love that you snapped the whole thing and it was epic.

Now isn’t this wonderful? Three lovely ladies coming together as if they were long-time friends. Seriously, though, y’all could pass up as friends for a decade! Taylor looks stunning on her wedding day (and so are you and Sarah!). 🙂

Awwwwww so exciting!! One of my blogging besties who I’ve only met in real life once is actually one of my bridesmaids. I love blog friendships!! Also, I’ve been so excited all weekend to read your perspective on her wedding! It looked so gorgeous & fun!

This makes my blogger heart so happy! Taylor looked stunning, the wedding looked unreal – thanks for letting us tag along via Snapchat 🙂

Her wedding was so beautiful! I read both of your blogs and it is so fun to see you together!

This is totally something I would do . . . good for you! It’s over used and maybe out of date, but seriously, YOLO!

This sounds amazing and I am so happy you went!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

I love that you guys finally met and that it was for such a great reason! Every picture I have seen so far of her wedding is absolutely stunning! I’m a little jealous of the gorgeous location!!


What a fun story, her wedding looked beautiful!

I love that you went, and I’m so excited you’re sharing photos (because I didn’t want to wait until they were back from the honeymoon for her to share! haha!) I’ve met great friends in real life that I originally met online. It’s a wonderful thing.

I really enjoyed this post and LOVED your Snapchat story from the wedding. So much fun! I also follow The Daily Tay so it’s been fun to see worlds collide.

I love that you guys all met!!! That’s awesome. Taylor looks amazing, I love her wedding gown.

That setting with the lake and the mountains is so pretty!

Great pics Helene!! I loved the snapchat you posted 🙂

Honestly, how awesome was that moment that you finally met? And at her wedding, no less. I think it’s pretty cool and your snap story was great – it looked like a gorgeous wedding full of love and laughter. I love that she named a cocktail after Harlow! We did the same at our wedding “The Bentini” for Bentley. 🙂

It was seriously the best!! and I love that! what a perfect name 🙂

So amazing! I loved all the Snapchats from you Sarah, & Taylor! I am quite jealous of how gorgeous her wedding was! ♥

It was so stunning but even more incredible was the happiness all around!

This is beautiful. All of it. The scenery. The relationships. Everything. The fact that you can become so close with someone via the internet still blows my mind, and I love it. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the Snapchat videos from you, Sarah and Taylor on Saturday evening. Thank you again for the entertainment! So glad you guys had an awesome time.

So so true- it was just so lovely- all of it. It was so great. I over snapped. haha

Sounds like a great time! What a beautiful wedding.

How fun! Some of my best friends are bloggers! Glad you had a good time!!

What a fun and exciting weekend! I’m glad you two finally got to meet in the flesh. It’s funny how the internet can bring people so close together from far away distances. Gotta love the blogging community!

How fun is this! Curious what the globe was used for? 🙂

I love that you were meeting her for the first time at her wedding. I don’t know how I didn’t know that you hadn’t met each other yet…so that is awesome. I love when blog friends become real life friends – like us. It’s so awesome!

What a whirlwind weekend… WOW WOW WOW! Thank you for inviting me to go with you, it was so so SO much fun!

I love that you finally met! I avidly followed your snaps from the wedding (in a non-creepy fashion, I swear!), because I love Taylor’s blog so much.
And this: “I guess my lesson in this is to just go for it. Do something that feels a little off or puts you out of your comfort zone. It’s totally worth it.” is EXACTLY what I needed to hear this morning. Thanks Helene!

The wedding looked gorgeous!! That is so exciting that you guys got to meet!! I hope one day I can meet a close blogger friend too 🙂

so perfect! i’m glad you got to go. taylor looks stunning!

She seriously was breathtaking! the whole thing was just incredible!

What a beautiful day! So glad you guys got to meet in the flesh and celebrate all at the same time! Colorado is beautiful! Enjoy it!

It ended up being the best idea ever, so glad I got to go!

So exciting you were able to meet Taylor for the first time. Her wedding looks like it was so stunning, wow! Have fun at the next Colorado wedding, weddings are seriously so much fun!

It looked like such a beautiful wedding. Blogging friends are the best 😉

So happy you got to go!! I loved tagging along on your snapchat. 😉

haha I love snapchat, it’s seriously the best.

This is just perfect! Looks like a beautiful wedding!

It was incredibly stunning as was the bride!

Yay! Love is the best! I enjoyed the sneak peeks over Snapchat this weekend 🙂

It was entirely too much fun!

So awesome that you were able to attend Taylor’s wedding! Meeting blogger friends IRL is the best and I love that you were able to have it happen during such an awesome event!

I just HAD to go. it was the best.

Looks like so much fun & such a gorgeous wedding! I love the pic of you two. It looks like a first look pic & I love it.

haha it does!! you are so right

So fun! I thought you and Taylor were friends IRL so it’s clear that you guys have a connection. PS Taylor’s dress is SO pretty! And that scenery… adding Steamboat to my list of destinations!

Well we are friends in real life, just never met in real life- if that makes sense!

I have been lucky to meet some great bloggers in Iceland and it always feels like meeting up with an old friend. Blogging is the best. And this wedding sounds amazing!

it was so fun. Blogging seriously IS the best!

This is just too cool, and totally doesn’t seem weird at all to me. I think if you’ve made a friend through blogging even if you haven’t met them, you totally “get it” – i was watching your snaps this weekend cringing every time you said something or other was delayed again! The wedding looked perfect <3

It really wasn’t weird… which might be the weirdest part!!

You already know. I adore and admire the both of you. I’m so glad you got to experience her wedding right before embarking on your incredible European journey. It’s so serendipitous!

I think I speak for many when I say – we wish we were all there with you .. But thanks to snapchat, I felt kind-of like I was!

You, Sarah, Taylor – keep rocking. You are the best of the best.

And – prayers for Michael’s mom. <3

Thank you so much – I appreciate that! and you are so kind. And I might have over snapped, just a bit 🙂

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