I was stalking Instagram the other day, like any normal day, and went down a rabbit hole. I started looking at all the “blogger bloggers.” You know the ones. I am kind of one of them, and kind of not. The ones that talk about how to grow your blog and how to make money online. 

In a sense, that is me. I do want to help you do that. But I'm also not like them, at all. 

I was looking at their instagram photos and I laughed out loud. They all had pretty pictures of them in business clothes or sayings about their business. Their blogs (and social channels) all focus on… well… blogging. 

Then you have me. I have pictures of my dogs, ice cream, my desk, places I've traveled. Basically, it's actually what I have going on. 

Casually walking with flowers in my bag. Super normal and not strange at all…

As I was looking at these photos of these successful people I wondered: should I do it like this? Should I focus solely on blogging? Is that the way to success?

No. Not for me.

I'm different. I'm not only going to talk about how to grow your blog. What I like about blogging is the ability to get to tell you about myself and not just about business. Isn't that what blogging should be about? I want to share my travels and my feelings and anything that I think you might find interesting too. After all, I think that's how we connect.

Here's something I promise: I'll never be a blogger's blog. Yes, I'll have tips and tools to share. After all, this is my job and I worked in social media and marketing for years. But I also want to share my life. Because that's what I like in a blog. I like when I read something real and honest. I like when people share that they can't stand bro country music (come on, it's horrible) and that they love onions (they are my fav). 

I like to know the actual human. 

I hope you do too. So I'm making a promise to continue to be different. 

To round this off here are some things you probably didn't know about me.

– I follow some really weird people on Snapchat. Like Cameron Dallas. He's a vine star turned teen heart throb. Please do not ask me why.

– I haven't had a diet coke in 8 days. Which is the longest time in between diet cokes since age 16, probably.

– I love naming things: plants, inanimate objects, lizards that cross my path. 

– I am fairly proficient at rapping. No really.  

– I really don't care much about things. I'd much prefer life experiences and to just travel.

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