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Hello! My name is Brita and I blog over at which is a food blog where I share mostly healthy and seasonal recipes with the occasional delicious indulgence. I'm very excited to be here on Helene's blog today!

I started my blog a few years ago with the intention of it being more of a lifestyle blog. However, I quickly fell in love with creating, photographing, and posting new recipes so I've made that the main focus of my blog. A few of my favorite recipes include these Spaghetti Squash Hash Browns, these Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps, and these Vegan Blueberry Pancakes.

I spent a while thinking about which recipe to share with y'all today and luckily, a fellow blogger suggested that I do something surrounding Tomorrowland since it's such a big passion of Helene's.

SO, that's what I have for you today: a Tomorrowland Inspired Cocktail.


Now, I've never actually been to Tomorrowland but I did lots of research about it (and now totally want to go!). I even downloaded the Tomorrowland app that's used throughout the festival for various things including booking reservations at the different restaurants. I honestly assumed that the food and drink at Tomorrowland was typical greasy and fried festival food. I was super excited to see that a huge emphasis is placed on great food and you can get cuisine and drinks from around the world.

For this Tomorrowland Cocktail, I wanted something light and refreshing that also reflected all of the bright and fun colors found throughout the festival. This is what I ended up with.

Tomorrowland Inspired Cocktail-4

I envision this cocktail being something that you would drink in the morning with your late breakfast. It's light and refreshing and rather simple making it the perfect Tomorrowland Inspired Cocktail!

Tomorrowland Inspired Cocktail-1


It's easy to make as well. For each individual cocktail, simply muddle together 3 wedges of lemon and 1 tablespoon of sugar in a cocktail mixer. Then add in a double shot (4 ounces) of Blue Alize Sparkling wine (could also use blue curacao cocktail mix) and shake with a bit of ice. Pour into your glass and then top off with some plain sparkling wine and a twist of lemon.

Tomorrowland Inspired Cocktail-2

I made one or two (or three) of these over the weekend and it's SO good. And after all of my research, I'm officially going to start saving up to experience Tomorrowland first hand.

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 These lessons consist of a 1 hour Skype hangout where we can chat all things photography and I can answer any questions that you have including how to shoot in manual mode, editing, and artificial lighting. When I first started my photography business I found a lot of great resources out there but I can't tell you HOW MANY TIMES I thought “gosh, I really wish that I could just ask someone a few questions one-on-one”. That's what I'm here for 🙂

I love all things photography and am eager to help others take beautiful photos and feel more comfortable with their cameras.


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