On New Year's Day I decided to get serious and clean and organize my entire closet. I separated everything into three piles:
Keep, Sell, Give Away. It took hours. I had things I kept for years and years and things I hardly wore anymore. It was hard to part with some of these things. But I knew if I could organize my closet it would make life easier.

Since this year I'm all about development, I figured this would be a good place to start. After taking down old hats, removing the clothes that I probably wouldn't wear next year, and reorganizing my closet, I breathed a sigh of relief. I felt ready to take on the day and now every time I look at my closet it no longer feels like a chaotic jungle. Ahhhh.

I believe you can do the same with your blog. You can find out how to organize your blog, seriously simplify your social media strategy, and create a blog you love.

Do you think your blog is totally ready?

Did you know that 1/4th of people give up on their resolutions in the first WEEK!? Most people fail with their resolutions and their goals. How can you avoid this? You need a plan. A simple, straightforward strategy to organize your blog and the tools to make things easier.


That's why I created The Blog Detox. I want you to achieve what matters most with your blog and a path to get there. It's a way for bloggers to find their blogging path and cut through the craziness of:

– How can I stand out and make my blog successful?

– When/where/how should I post on social media?

– How can I make blogging easier and automate the things that I don't need to spend time on?

– How can I use social media intentionally?

– Are you overwhelmed by social media?

– How to spend time on what really matters?

– Not sure how to plan out your strategy or goals?

– Do you ever doubt your capabilities?
– Want to get organized and cut through the blogging chaos?

– How can I accomplish it all, successfully?

All of this, and more, will be answered in The Blog Detox. You'll find the exact things you need for a growing, successful blog that you love working on. I’ve created a tool that will ensure that the next year will be the best for your blog. It will help you to be intentional with your blog with the tools and strategies to streamline the process. 


It doesn't have to be overwhelming. You can do it all. But you need a guide that will help you fine-tune your goals, simplify your strategy, and organize your blog.

Here's what you get with The Blog Detox.

Inside the Course, you’ll find:

* The tools and guided videos to detox and organize your blog and social media
* Live training on how to automate some of the biggest tasks that take up most of your time including blog posts, social media and even newsletters!
*You’ll discover your social media path and learn how to simplify your strategy

* How to set and achieve all your goals. ​With checklists, worksheets, printables and more.

*Private Facebook group 

     *1 year accountability


Do you know why most people fail? They aren’t held accountable. I will be sending you new content and updated communication at least once a month on how to improve your blog. I will personally be there to answer questions and help work out and streamline your goals. 

For the next 12 months you’ll receive ways to help you improve your blog. There is simply NO other program out there like this
   will personally be there to answer questions and help work out and streamline your goals.

You'll also get The Blog Detox Social Media Path. (Valued at $100!)

Bonus!! Stephanie, Organization Guru and Blogger at Not Entirely Perfect (who currently has 252 posts SCHEDULED for 2016) is giving you a bonus look at how she plans, schedules, and creates her blog. (This is worth over $100!)

Here's what you'll get with this limited time offer! 

The Blog Detox is an $800 value that I'm offering for $67. This program is only offered for a limited time and then enrollment closes, forever

This is it. Once enrollment closes, the course will no longer be available. Enroll now before it's too late, for only $67!

This is your plan to achieve the things you want and leave time for the things you LOVE.  This program is only offered for a limited time and then enrollment closes, forever.
Click below and enroll now, before it's too late!

Questions about the course? Feel free to leave them below!
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