If your BFF lives far away, you no doubt miss her a ton. Even if you can’t celebrate her birthday with her this year, you can definitely still make her day. I know how hard it can be to select the perfect gift for your best friend, so I came up with some awesome ideas to help you let your bestie know how much you miss her. Show your friend some long-distance love with any of these easy gift ideas and solidify your title as the best friend ever.


Best friend necklaces weren’t just for junior high, you know. Wearing a piece of jewelry that reminds you of her on the daily can keep you up in times of sadness, and might inspire you to call her more often—the same goes for her! Having a reminder of you and home in a new place can help her get through some tough days. Grab a classic best friend necklace, or give her a charm bracelet with shapes of her current and previous states attached. You can also go DIY and make matching friendship bracelets for the both of you using materials from Hobby Lobby.

Surprise Arrangement 

Check out the ProFlowers birthday flower collection and find some gorgeous flowers you know she’ll appreciate. If you don’t know her favorite flower already, now is the time to find out. Holidays spent away from home can be really hard, so you can also send seasonal selections that she’s sure to love while inspiring a little of the holiday spirit.

A Customized Map 

If she’s exploring a new city, or even if she’s been there for years, a customized map of her far away city is a perfect home décor item and makes for a lovely long distance gift. Or, you can choose to send a map of her former city (and you know, subtly remind her how great it was). Check out the awesome personalized custom city map options for a gift she’ll hang up immediately.

A Care Package

If your buddy moved away and you want to remind her of home—and you, obviously—send a care package with all the best of your hometown. Cookies from the local bakery, a mixtape of songs you always used to jam out to together (modern version: a USB stick with your selection of songs), and pictures of good times. She may have some homesick moments and need a little bit of indulgence: a box of chocolates, some salty snacks, and a packet of different teas may be just the thing to make her smile on a hard day.

Help Her Immerse Herself 

If your bestie just moved to a new area, ensure she makes the most of her city by purchasing a gift certificate to a local event or service. Websites like Groupon or LivingSocial will easily help you find the perfect gift. Whether you get her a coupon for a massage or a ticket to an upcoming beer festival, she’ll love the thought and you can send it to her straight through email! No shipping required. This gift idea will help her get into the swing of things in her new city without putting a dent in her wallet.

Plan a Skype Date 

You miss hanging out with her on the daily, and she undoubtedly does too. The daily grind of a busy life can often get in the way of regular communication, so make sure on her birthday you put forth the effort to talk to her and wish her a happy birthday in the closest alternative to an actual get-together.

Plan a Skype date with your bestie on her actual birthday (or the days leading up to it) to get some great face time, even if you’re states or countries apart. That’s the best part of a best friend—even if you haven’t talked in a while, you can pick up like no time has passed. Sing her happy birthday, make her blow a candle out over the screen, and make a wish that next year you’ll be able to celebrate in person. It will definitely take the sting out of missing her birthday this year.

It’s hard to be away from your best friend on her birthday, but you can make it a little bit easier on you both by sending a surprise gift you know she’s sure to love. You know your bestie better than anyone, so use your insider knowledge and select an item that will brighten her day.