In Texas, we have a particular saying: the higher the hair, the closer to God. While I don't necessarily have big hair, I do have a lot of it and it's very very long. My hair has always kind of been my thing. I keep really good care of it. And because of this I “wash and go.”

I try to not use heat on my hair more than twice a week and I hardly ever straighten or curl it. I prefer the tousled, easy-going look. Dallas girls are known for their sleek hair, with Blow Dry salons popping up all over the place.

Here are my tips to keep your hair long (not stringy!) and healthy:

What I'm about to say might be weird, but it's what I do, and it seems to work. I don't brush my hair often.
In order to get the wavy texture that I like, sans frizz, means that a
brush can be my enemy. So I maybe brush it once or twice a week. I usually do it right before I shower and I use a wet brush since I can use it whether or not my hair is dry.
Sometimes I'll brush the under sections, since those tend to get tangled up in my sweaters and I get massive knots.

I don't wash my hair everyday. I'm not saying I don't bathe
myself everyday, but I don't wash my hair everyday. It keeps those
natural oils in my hair. If I'm looking greasy, I'll spritz on some dry

This is no surprise: eating healthy fruits and vegetables helps your hair grow! My current favorite? Pineapple. I found this little baby pineapple in the store that was almost too good to eat. Plus the vitamins in pineapples help directly with hair growth and keeping your hair shiny. 

 I use shampoo and conditioner that helps my hair grow and stay strong.  I'm currently loving Pantene Beautiful Lengths shampoo and conditioner. Since it's made with antioxidents,  it prevents breakage, helping to keep my hair moisturized and strong.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths started the #8or8 Challenge which asks people to give $8 OR cut and donate 8 inches of hair to help create free, real-hair wigs for women who have lost their hair due to cancer.
This cause is extremely near and dear to my heart. My sister was diagnosed with Leukemia and I remember searching for the right wig. The real hair wigs looked the most natural but were so incredibly expensive. Having seen someone so close to me lose her hair, I know how attached all women are to theirs.
Pantene intends to help keep yours strong while helping those that have lost theirs still feel confident. You can participate in the Challenge by posting to your social media using #8or8 and #Beautiful lengths and tag @Pantene.

The number 8 is significant because more than 800,000 ponytail donations have been received to date, a minimum of 8-inch ponytail and 8 ponytails in total is what it takes to create one wig. Also, September 8th (last week) was National Donate Your Hair Day and you can go to your local salon or donate today, here.

So those are my long, healthy hair tips. But what about dandruff? I know that during the changing seasons my scalp gets irritated and scratchy. The Head and Shoulders Instant Relief Scalp Soother is a life saver. You can use it anytime (!) and it provides calming, cooling relief on contact.
What I love most is you can apply the Scalp Soother to wet or dry hair since it's non greasy. I am currently

And let's not forget your second favorite hair on your head: your eyelashes! I have blonde eyelashes, so without mascara they are unseen. That's why I love Covergirl's Lashblast Volume Mascara. You get 100% more volume, instantly. As soon as you put it on, your eyes pop.

In the winter, my eyelashes tend to get dry and brittle, so with following the steps above, plus adding Covergirl mascara, they are sure to stay strong through out the changing temperatures. 

Whether it's your hair or your eyelashes, it's important to keep yourself healthy so they continue to grow, stay shiny, and strong. 

Which of these products are you most excited to use to keep your hair healthy? (Also, check my instagram @heleneinbetween for a chance to win all the products pictured from P&G).