Right now, I'm sitting at my home office, with the windows open and listening to Avicii. Life is really really awesome. Sometimes you forget how great life is. You get caught up in the mix of and forget to just sit back and appreciate what's going on.

So today and this weekend, I intend to do just that. I think this might be the happiest I've ever been in my whole life. I'm not exactly sure why, could be that sweet Tennessee Fall air, could be the fact that Michael also works from home now (and even though I was nervous he'd drive me nuts) I love getting to see him through the day. Could be the fun river trip we have planned tomorrow or the live concert we went to last night to see Cold War Kids (for free). Or the fact that I didn't get late night food at midnight.

But I think it's a combination of it all.

Here are some other things that are making me really happy:

The Nashville Farmer's market:

I was expecting a bunch of food stands selling tacos. I was wrong. This place is filled with local gourmet eateries. I had the gyro with tabouli and Michael opted for Jamaican jerk with these fried rolls that were to die for. It's a place you could just walk around (and eat) all day.
Also, there are plants in all pink pots.

This necklace from Happiness Boutique.

This “Be Beautiful” necklace is only $22.90. It's the perfect mix of stones and I love the bursts of yellow. The boutique is based in Berlin, Germany but ships worldwide AND has a 60 day return policy- that's almost unheard of.

That I have awesome friends in Nashville that make pina coladas and can walk to Public Square Park from their apartment and watch live music.

This might make YOU really happy, you can now post Instagram photos that aren't just squares. If you're rectangle prone, rejoice! You no longer have to readjust to the square, you can now post photos that suit your style. Whether it's landscape or taller. Totally ditching those apps that put borders around it so it fits the frame. P.S. you can follow me on instagram (@heleneinbetween)

Lastly (this is probably making me the most happy) almost 500 (WHAT?!) have signed up for my FREE webinar: Get Paid to Blog. I was hoping for 100, so to hit 500 is mind blowing. I'll be focusing on the brands I work with, how to work with advertisers, what works online, and so much more.

It will be September 2nd at 8 PM central but if you can't make it, still sign up! There will be a special bonus for all that sign up

Have a great weekend, y'all!!