I tend to be very basic with what I wear: jean shorts, t-shirts, simple dresses. But one area I'm definitely not: accessories. I pile them on. And I'm not sorry about it. This is mainly because you can find them super cheap and I like things as cheap as possible because I get tired of things fast.

I've compiled my favorite accessories right now, just for you. And don't worry, this is all inexpensive.

Kendra Scott Necklace (on major sale) // Earring Set (Exclusive!) // Drop Earrings // Bracelet set 

And now, to my all time favorite piece of all time. It might have something to do with the fact that I got to help design this piece and it's named after me. But it's pink and a tassel and girly and og so feminine and pretty! I worked with Erin for Dear Piper. Her jewelry line is fresh and fun and perfect for any occasion. I'm obsessed.
I got to model for the “Helene in Between” necklace, how cool is this?!

 And since I was asked on insta: kimono here ($16) // Nail polish // Dress

How gorgeous is this necklace? Delicate and pretty. Also, only $38! OH and there's a matching bracelet for $16.

I'm ordering this next.

Are you an accessorizer? Also… can this be a word?

The Nordstrom sale is ALMOST over! Check out what I got, here.