My little sisters and I didn't always get along growing up. We fought a lot. We still do, but not anywhere close to the kind of fighting used to ensue. They are seven years younger and also twins. They always had a backup for the other one. But I was, obviously, older and wiser so sometimes I had the upper hand.

Now, they are 21 and we are getting along a lot better. Maybe it's because we can all laugh over wine, or maybe we're all maturing. Regardless of how we get along now, I've always thought birth order has played a significant role in how people turn out. I believe it has a lot to do with you personality whether you're the first born, middle child, or last born.

Here are the typical traits related to birth order:

First Born (aka ME):

This is me to an actual T. I am controlling but I'm also reliable. I also think first borns are pleasers. They want to make their parents proud and their environment growing up was a little more strict since it was their parents first go at being a parent.

Middle Born:
Somewhat rebellious
Thrives on friendships
Has large social circle

Even though my sisters are twins, they also fit in the middle sister and last born category. The one born 2 minutes before just happens to fit this description better. I remember in middle school my sister had a calendar of events of things she was doing that summer and people she was hanging out with. She was (and is) friends with everyone.

Last Born:

My youngest sister has always had an artistic, free spirit and wants to focus on doing the things she's passionate about and nothing else. This can, of course, be difficult when you have some responsibilities. She always finds the good in people and really admire her in so many ways, ultimately, because she's just so different from me.

Although all our personalities are very very different, we can agree on one thing: good wine. Middle Sister Wines sticks up for birth order and has dedicated their wines to the sister in the middle. The different type of wine you choose just may have to do with your personality you choose.

Their wine, known for it's delicious flavors, got a makeover and now features “Drops of Wiswon” which are a dose of inspiration on every label. I chose “Goodie Two Shoes” (I think that pairs well with my birth order) a pinot noir that says: “True wisdom is knowing when to give up and have a glass of wine.”

I couldn't agree more. To celebrate their 21st birthday and my move to Nashville, there were more than enough reasons to open a bottle of wine (or two.)

The other wine choices include Mischeirf Maker Cabernet Sauvignon (perfect for my youngest sister), Sweet & Sassy Moscato (emphasis on Sassy for the slightly older twin) and more.

Middle Sister brand is based on a series of quirky “middle sister” characters who each cloaim their own personality- which means it will bring the life to any party.

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