What Your Birth Order Really Means

My little sisters and I didn't always get along growing up. We fought a lot. We still do, but not anywhere close to the kind of fighting used to ensue. They are seven years younger and also twins. They always had a backup for the other one. But I was, obviously, older and wiser so sometimes I had the upper hand.

Now, they are 21 and we are getting along a lot better. Maybe it's because we can all laugh over wine, or maybe we're all maturing. Regardless of how we get along now, I've always thought birth order has played a significant role in how people turn out. I believe it has a lot to do with you personality whether you're the first born, middle child, or last born.

Here are the typical traits related to birth order:

First Born (aka ME):

This is me to an actual T. I am controlling but I'm also reliable. I also think first borns are pleasers. They want to make their parents proud and their environment growing up was a little more strict since it was their parents first go at being a parent.

Middle Born:
Somewhat rebellious
Thrives on friendships
Has large social circle

Even though my sisters are twins, they also fit in the middle sister and last born category. The one born 2 minutes before just happens to fit this description better. I remember in middle school my sister had a calendar of events of things she was doing that summer and people she was hanging out with. She was (and is) friends with everyone.

Last Born:

My youngest sister has always had an artistic, free spirit and wants to focus on doing the things she's passionate about and nothing else. This can, of course, be difficult when you have some responsibilities. She always finds the good in people and really admire her in so many ways, ultimately, because she's just so different from me.

Although all our personalities are very very different, we can agree on one thing: good wine. Middle Sister Wines sticks up for birth order and has dedicated their wines to the sister in the middle. The different type of wine you choose just may have to do with your personality you choose.

Their wine, known for it's delicious flavors, got a makeover and now features “Drops of Wiswon” which are a dose of inspiration on every label. I chose “Goodie Two Shoes” (I think that pairs well with my birth order) a pinot noir that says: “True wisdom is knowing when to give up and have a glass of wine.”

I couldn't agree more. To celebrate their 21st birthday and my move to Nashville, there were more than enough reasons to open a bottle of wine (or two.)

The other wine choices include Mischeirf Maker Cabernet Sauvignon (perfect for my youngest sister), Sweet & Sassy Moscato (emphasis on Sassy for the slightly older twin) and more.

Middle Sister brand is based on a series of quirky “middle sister” characters who each cloaim their own personality- which means it will bring the life to any party.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Middle Sister Goodie Two

[…] t either of us perfectly. We both actually have some of the traits from all 3 of […]

Middle Sister Goodie Two Shoes Pinot Noir Red Wine

[…] ing to read. I am the oldest and only have 1 other sibling (besides much older s […]

I'm late to post but since your sisters are 7 years younger, this actually gives you tge core personalit of an only child, with both of your sisters carrying the first and second born birth order personalities. Check out Cliff Isaacsons research in this area if you're curious!!

I'm an oldest child as well (my parents only had my brother and me, so I'm technically an older child). I'd say I was pretty fussy about other people's behavior. I think I was fussier with adults and kids who were not my sibling.

With my brother, on the other hand (he's 2 years younger than me), he always seemed like he was just happy to hang out and be a friend to his peers rather than get on them for not following the exact rules and codes of behavior. I don't remember him ever making a big deal if someone said, "I WANT SOME MORE MILK," rather than, "can I have some more milk, please."

I also have Asperger Syndrome, and my brother doesn't have any disabilities. A lot of people on the Autism Spectrum (or with pragmatic language difficulties) are more rigid in their ways of thinking than people who don't have those kinds of difficulties.

I think a lot of kids tend to share the same views on misbehavior as their parents/guardians, teachers, or other adults in their lives. If adults reprimand or correct children for even the smallest deviation from rules or codes of behavior, this is likely how the child(ren) will act toward peers. If the adults in a child's life has an attitude more like, "well, as long as nobody is doing anything dangerous, destructive, or making anybody else too uncomfortable, it's not something worth reprimanding," chances are high that the child(ren) will show this kind of laid back attitude with peers.

A lot of parents tend to reprimand or correct their oldest child(ren) for even the smallest misbehavior, and so this might be the attitude this child shows toward others. With every child after that, a lot of parents' attitudes toward misbehavior becomes more like, "well, as long as nobody's safety or comfort is in jeopardy, anything will fly," and so this might be the attitude these children show towards other people.

I am the oldest of three girls and let me tell you, this is so accurate it's scary!

♥, Brooke

I'll have to check out this wine brand! Love the packaging! I'm the middle child. However, I don't think any of the typical middle child traits apply to me. Weird, right?

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

I am the youngest of three girls, and definitely fit the "middle child" description the best here. I am a people-pleaser and very type A!

I have one younger sister and this dicribes her exactly. With being the oldest I'd say that as a first born I am definitely as described.http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk

I have two younger siblings and it's actually scary how accurate those descriptions are, especially for me (the firstborn). It's insane. The only difference is that I wouldn't call my little brother an attention seeker or self-centered. Other than that, it's pretty SPOT ON!

What about only children?! ? I guess being an only child I'm technically the first born (along with the only born)? If so, then yeah. Those describe me.

I have three kids, but only two live with me full time. My oldest lives with her dad and spend 4 days a month with me so my middle child is the oldest *most* of the time, and I don't think that the middle child traits here describe her at all…but the traits for first and last born definitely describe my oldest and my youngest!

I am totally an oldest child! I feel like all my siblings fit their birth order as well.

You totally forgot only. That applies too. I love asking people about their birth order. Usually holds pretty true to form.

That wine looks amazing! I'm the youngest of three sisters, and I feel like I have more of the middle sister's characteristics; however, I can be very self-centered! I'm still the peacemaker of the family though. Great post!

I'm an oldest but I think I have a lot of the middle characteristics. Maybe this is because my dad has two children from a previous marriage?

Yeah I am the first born and I am also 6 years older then my first sister and 15 years older then my baby brother and have to say I am all the things a first born is expected to be but have to say there have been times when I wish I wasn't

Happy birthday to your sisters. I'm number 3 of 4 and I'd say that the last one is pretty accurate of myself with maybe a slight mixture of the middle child trait also haha. It's really interesting though…and the wine branding is adorable!

🙂 Amber

Happy 21st to your sisters! I was an only child for 17 years so I don't really know what that means lol. I don't think I necessarily fit into the oldest child category. Maybe a little!

Im most definitely the classic last born! haha

This is SO true! I'm the oldest & that couldn't be more me. Ha! I have three younger half-siblings that I used to fight with all the time cuz I was babysitting them & they were bastards! Ha, ha! Ah, siblings.

Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

i am totally spot on with the eldest traits too! i am thankful my sister and i have a better relationship now because i was sort of a meeeeean older sister!

Yay for first born, bossy children plus wine! I can't wait until my sisters are 21

Haha we both love wine and have two younger sisters! Go us!

this wine was meant for me. i'm a middle child, and that's fairly spot on. though i don't have a lot of friends, i still thrive on the friendships, if that makes sense. i definitely don't have a large social group! my older brother is nothing like a first born should be, and i'm way more manipulative than my little brother. haha. i guess maybe if i had sisters it would be different.

Spot on with the middle child , which is me. However I think I'm a little more rebellious than "somewhat" lol. 😀

Spot on with the middle child , which is me. However I think I'm a little more rebellious than "somewhat" lol. 😀

Interesting post! My son is an only child, but I come from a very large family. I often wonder how much his personality would have changed if he had younger siblings.

Last born doesn't describe me at all! I'm a major introvert. I also would like to think I'm not manipulative or self-centered. I was, however, pretty spoiled since I was the youngest and the only girl (well, I do have a step-sister who is older than my oldest brother, but I'm the only girl of my mom's children and the only girl who lived with my mom full-time!).

I find this kind of thing fascinating. Also, it makes me a little sad that I'm an only child. I always wanted a sibling to drink wine with! 🙂

I've been wanting to get this wine for a ridiculous amount of time since I am the middle (and the best). Now I really need to get some to try!

This totally describes my brother and me! I'm the oldest and he's the youngest and I couldn't relate to this more!


Spot on for the first and last child! I've often struggled with feeling like I'm way too serious as the oldest child. And what's up with the younger sibling being able to do things way earlier than you were able to!? (I stay out till midnight at 17, and he's 15 and can? How is that fair?) Ohhh man, this post just brings back so many memories of sibling rivalry haha.

Interesting post! I am the youngest and I don't think I'm manipulative, attention-seeking or self-centred at all! (The youngest sibling seems to get the worst traits for some reason.) I am fun loving and outgoing though xx

Sabrina Jaine

YES! My sisters and I fit these exactly too! Also, I now want some wine and it's only 10:15am…monday night please come!

I have one older brother. Most of the "last" traits actually apply to him, while I have a few of the "first" traits! He has had problems for years (drugs, suicide threats, not being responsible with partying), so whenever I reached an age where he did _____, I had to pay for it with new rules and strictness.

I really want to try Middle Sister wines! I was the younger sister but a total worrier and achiever so I'm not sure the birth order thing was true in my family's case.

Her Heartland Soul

The descriptions were very interesting to read. I am the oldest and only have 1 other sibling (besides much older step siblings that only recently came into the picture), a sister who is 6 years younger. None of the descriptions fit either of us perfectly. We both actually have some of the traits from all 3 of those categories/ birth order traits.


I am the oldest of a number of siblings and this is me. The other descriptions are almost spot on for some of my brothers and sisters.

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