It's hard to showcase your personality on a blog. How can you ensure that they really understand just how quirky you are? The short answer- you can't. But with today's post, I'm going to attempt it.

Here are some things you probably don't know about me:

– I play by the rules. My little sisters just turned 21. Now I'm okay with them drinking. The day before? No way.

– I'm always listening to something. Whether it's an audio book or music, I don't like silence.

– I can always open the wine. I carry a wine opener with me at all times. It's a convenient little one that fits on itself and can easily be used to open wine. Say, if you're in Paris and have champagne that needs to be opened. (A lot of you asked me about this, here's my exact one, and it's pink, and only $4!
Traveler's Corkscrew )

– I'm extremely tender headed. I try to prepare for hair cuts but I always tear up.

-I hate Subway. It's never fresh in my opinion.

– My favorite foods are shaved ice, onions, popcorn, cheese and ice cream. Very healthy.

– I bite my nails. It's a bad habit. I KNOW.

– I don't believe that everything happens for a reason

– I have a bald spot on my head. It's above my ear, below my part on the right side of my head. I don't have a birthmark, so maybe this is it? You can't really
see it but if I pull my hair up the wrong way it's there.

– I don't wear heels. I even went to a wedding the other day in flats. I'm only 5'2″ so I was the shortest person there besides the flower girls. Why would I torture my poor feet?

– I have crooked pointer fingers. When I put my pointer finger straight up it looks like I'm pointing either slightly to the left or right.

– I use a lot of superlatives when speaking. “This is the BEST drink I've ever had.” “This is the HOTTEST day in history.” “I'm EXTREMELY tired.” And so on.

What are your quirks or confessions? What do you have under your sleeve? Want to just get something off your chest? Tell us what we probably don't know. Grab a button and link up below!

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Helene in Between

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