If someone stopped you, right now, and asked: what do you want more of in your life? What would you answer? Let's say it can't be a physical thing (aka, you can't ask for money). I know immediately what I would choose: travel. 
I've been fairly lucky to travel to a lot of places in my life. But last night, I looked at the map of places I've been, and kept marveling at the wide expanse of where I haven't ventured yet.

The vacations that I take are always a whirlwind- little sleep, walking every where, taking in every possible sight. I live for it, and they are my absolute favorite time of the year. If only it were easier to travel with the dogs…
Today I have the ultimate travel expert on the blog, Casey of We Took The Road Less Traveled. Casey has been all over the world and shares her amazing experiences on her blog. She doesn't just craft beautiful blog posts, she takes you there with her and give you tips along the way. 
Casey is beautiful inside and out and I kinda have a girl crush on her. She just started a travel business and I'm thrilled to have her on the blog today!
1. Tell me about your new travel business! 
moving back to the states from Germany, I knew wanted to get back into
the workforce, but I also knew I wanted to keep travel as a key part of
my life. We traveled extensively over Europe during our 3 years abroad,
so it was a hard pill to swallow knowing we wouldn't be able to travel
as much once we moved home again (you can read more about that story here).
Since I planned all our European vacations/cruises myself, I figured
why not offer my travel planning/booking services to the masses?! So,
shortly after our move to Florida, I joined a great team of
well-established travel agents and became an independent vacation
specialist myself! Road Less Traveled Vacations
is my brand new baby and so far, it's been such a fun way to provide
for our family and still be submerged in the world of travel. I am so
passionate about taking travel dreams from ideas to reality and being
the supportive ace in your back pocket to guide you through every step
of the planning and travel process. From European vacations,
relaxing all-inclusive Caribbean getaways, and exciting cruises, all the
way to sharing the joys of Walt Disney World with your family, I am
here to build “brag-worthy” vacations you'll remember for years to come!
You can follow my biz FB page here or email me at [email protected] for your FREE vacation quote! (end shameless plug) 😉

2. How has blogging influenced you to write about your travels?

blog (like many other travel blogs) started out as a way to keep our
family & friends updated on our big move to Germany during the
summer of 2011. As we started traveling from country to country, I fell
in love with taking photos and writing about our experiences in each
destination. Slowly but surely, I gained readers who were interested in
seeing many of the same places we'd visited, so we kept traveling and I
kept writing! My blog has opened so many doors (from steady income to
building incredible friendships), yet still serves as an extensive
online diary of our entire journey abroad. It's become a visceral part
of who I am and is such a wonderful memento of our greatest life
adventure thus far!

3. Tell me one thing that travel has taught you?

It's so hard to pick one thing! In fact, I wrote two whole posts about all the ways it's changed and shaped who I am today.

4. What's been your favorite destination?

Germany will always and forever have my heart…but if I had to choose a place I haven't lived, I'd say London. I am OBSESSED with London. In fact, I visited 3 different times during our stay abroad. Hands down the greatest city in the world!
5. What's a favorite post you've written? 

I've been blogging for almost 4 years now, so that's a loaded question! Here's a handful of my all-time faves:
Favorite Travel Recap post: Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Favorite post About Germany: Pros & Cons of Living in Germany
Favorite post on Expat Life: My Struggle Between Home & Home
Favorite post on Blogging: On Blogging Currency
Favorite post on Personal Life: That Time We Bought a House

6. Where do you see yourself/your blog in the next five years?

hope to have a super successful travel agent business, a kid or two
with my handsome hubby, be traveling every spare moment we get, and, of
course, still writing about it all!
Check out Casey's Blog, her blog's Facebook and business Facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest. And check out her travel agent profile here!

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