There are two types of people in this world: people that shop on Black Friday and people that don't. The day after Thanksgiving has become one of the most iconic shopping days of the year. The words discounts, sales, marked down are littered throughout advertisements. You have to shop NOW or you will not get this deal. I've never been a big Black Friday shopper, but I have occasionally witnessed the madness.
Whether you partake or not, I think we can all agree that there are a few types of shoppers, particularly when it comes to Black Friday. I've narrowed it down to the 5 types of Black Friday Shoppers.

1. The All Nighter
This person doesn't care much for the Thanksgiving meal. They eat quickly and bypass the effects of tryptophan to head to the store early. They'll wait in line, camp-out, hold a say-once… basically they'll do whatever it takes to get the deal. They take the word “Doorbuster” literally. And they know exactly what they're looking for. (You might find them at: Walmart, Target, Best Buy)

2. The Girl Group
This group of women is here for a deal but they aren't about to get crazy. They leisurely get to the stores after the crowds to peruse the items. They are here for a great deal, but also for the rush they get of holiday shopping. Oh, and the fact that all the stores are decorated for Christmas.
(You might find them at: Pier One, Forever 21, Marshalls)

3. The Guru
Be aware, this person might not have pulled an all nighter, but they might have snuck in line just before doors open. They are hungry for the deals and can/will act savagely if you get in their way. They are strong and smart and know their way around a shopping cart. They've had dozens of Black Friday experiences so you might just want to move to the side as they pass. (You might find them at: Walmart, Staples, Best Buy)

4. The Family
This crew is prepared to conquer. One member might be dragged along, but most are ready for their “family fun” experience of shopping together. They intend to get absolutely everything they need for the Holidays and to NEVER go shopping again for the rest of the year. They're shopping carts will be piled high, one wrong turn and you could be under a pile of highly discounted toys. (You might find them at: Toys R Us, Target, J.C. Penny)

5. The First Timer
Take pity on them, they have no idea what they've gotten themselves into. They're probably walking aimlessly without a cart (they're all gone at this point) trying to just find something, anything to show they tried. They will spend their money on anything that's marked down, even if they don't need it. (You might find them at: anywhere)

So which one are you? Or are you anti-Black Friday? Personally, I prefer Cyber Monday. And I hate lines. And I love leftovers. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. Hope you stay DTF (Down to Feast, of course). I'll be staying up in the mountains so follow along on instagram @heleneinbetween!