For the past 6+ months my husband has had a mustache. He's not some hipster (a far cry from that) or fan of Ron Swanson or channeling Tom Selleck. No, he just, “enjoys it.” Michael isn't one to follow trends, he tends to do what he wants – holes in his shirt and all.

Back in October he decided to grow a beard. I liked it enough, although I'm not a huge fan of facial hair – it tends to hurt my sensitive skin and lord knows I'm a delicate flower. But he grew it out, and I liked it just fine. It made him look a little bit more distinguished and he liked it for the warmth it provided.

Then in April we went on a cruise that was dubbed a “mustache cruise” of which I think only Michael participated in. When we got home I asked him, “So… when are you going to shave that thing?” But he liked it. I think it made him feel more manly.

Everywhere we went people commented on his mustache. Men stood up and shook his hand, “Nice stache, man.” Grown women asked to touch it which he politely turned down. People constantly told him he looked like some actor or musician that sports a mustache, although I never saw the resemblance. All the while I went home with this mustached man. I had to kiss it goodnight. At times the hairs would go up my nose. Maybe that's a little graphic, but it's true.

Girl friends would ask me, “You let him have that?” Here's the thing. I don't let him do anything. He doesn't let me do anything. We are our own people and while his mustache isn't my favorite accessory on him, the man can do what he wants. As can I. Last night we talked in bed about our plans for the week, the dog children, and whether or not I would, in fact, get to interview Steve Aoki (I'm going to TomorrowWorld and was asked to interview a few artists, but we'll see if any of this comes to fruition.) He then says, “I'm shaving it tomorrow.” Wide awake now, I sit up and make him take a picture.

He woke up like this…#flawless

Oh mustache, you've been a wild ride, but I'm thrilled to see you go. Your time has come and gone and I'm ready for my husband to look normal. See you, hopefully, never again.

P.S. Like I mentioned above I'm coming to ATL this weekend!  There are so many cool Atlanta bloggers out there and there's not really ever a chance to meet people so, I wanted to let you know that I am coming and Sarah and I would love to meet up with everyone!

We're on a bit of a tight schedule, so let me break it down:

Dear Atlanta,

I'll be in the heart of your fair city, arriving at the airport Friday A.M. and then am being whisked almost immediately to the Chattahoochee Hills festival grounds. I am free Saturday morning and would love to get a real taste of your town. Come see me perform “eating all the things” at 5 Seasons(Westside location) at 11:30 am in downtown Atlanta.
Get at me. Eat with me.

No for real. I want to hang out with you. Ashten and Kristyn will be there too!!