Can you guess where I am today? I'll give you one guess. Okay, I can't take it. I'm at TOMORROWLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry. That's a lot of exclamation points. But it's just how I feel. I'm currently in Belgium (the town of Boom to be exact). I scheduled this post, so cross your fingers that I'm there, otherwise remove all exclamation points and insert sad face emoticons. Anyway, if there, I'm probably looking like this:

But since I'm there and can't be here, I have a lovely fellow Dallasite on the blog! But don't worry, I'm not Tuckered Out, just Tuckered Up! Also, that's the name of Sarah's blog. (I'm so corny I want to hurt myself sometimes.)
Hello Helene In Between people! I am Sarah and I blog over at Tucker Up

I have a husband named Chris Tucker. No, not this Chris Tucker. 

This one. 

We live in a suburb of Dallas and have two fur-children, Wrigley and Bailey. I teach 5th grade and I love it more than words can explain. Since Helene is really funny, and I try to be, I figured I'd tell you ten things that you can find over on my blog.

1. Ice cream and no diet tips. I am not a health food blogger and you won't find me spewing green juice everywhere. I'm from Texas and I eat like a Texan, so be prepared for fried food recipes and lots of love for frozen treats.

2. DIY projects. I love to DIY! Here are some of my favorite projects to date. (All are clickable links)

Frame Wall
$5 Starburst Mirror
Nailhead Trim Headboard
Cabinet Updates

3. Fashion. 99.9% of the time I am in a t-shirt and Nike running shorts, but I do fake being a fashionista for the sake of my blog. You gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?! All of my clothes are cheap. I shop mostly at TJ Maxx, Ross, and Old Navy, so I apologize if you like something…I probably don't have a source for it.

4. My husband, well, because he is a huge part of my life. And, baseball. We love baseball. Our goal is to go to all the MLB ball parks!

5. Reality TV talk. From The Bachelorette to Ladies of London, I am a reality tv junkie. I may have a master's degree, but I sure love me some dumb television!

6. Sometimes I talk about my year of no shopping resolution that I completed last year. Yes, I really didn't shop for an entire year. You can read all about it here.
7. I talk a lot about being a teacher and my story of becoming one. Long story short, I have an MBA and planned on being a CPA, but then I got smart and became a teacher. You can read about how I was lucky enough to make the transition within three months here.
An attempt at Christmas pictures…fail.
8. Wrigley and Bailey are usually a huge hit, so if you're not a dog person, well, nevermind. What I would say isn't blog appropriate. Cat people, I have no words for you either. (Justttt kidding people…I love all animals)

9. I keep it real, just like Helene.
I don't blog about being fancy (like Iggy…). I don't drive a Range Rover and I don't wear $500 dresses. I don't have fake hair or eyelashes (although I wouldn't mind either…), and I am pale and built like a softball player (I played in college). My husband prefers me with no makeup and we prefer pizza for our date nights. We aren't rich and don't try to pretend to be. We work hard for everything we have and consider ourselves extremely blessed.

10. A whole lot of randomness. From dogs to food, to vacations and home projects, you can find it at Tucker Up. I try to mix things up and keep my audience guessing. I write whats on my mind and I try to not bore you to death. And I really try to make you smile!!

Thanks to Helene for letting me post over here on her little space of cyberspace. I mean, she is a huge deal now, so I feel honored to know a celebrity 😉 Plus, I've met her in person and she truly is as real and sweet as she seems on her blog!

You can find me on instagram @sarahtuckerup and twitter @mrssarahtucker and of course over at my blog, Tucker Up!

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