We all do weird things, of course. But I realized that I'm very weird. It's partly due to the fact that I married a weirdo. But the other part is that I was just born this way. (Thanks for the reminder, Lady Gaga.)
The realization came when my sweat was seeping into my eyes as I shoveled raw chicken into 22 ounce plastic containers in our front yard.
You see, we feed our dogs raw. Well actually, we feed them half raw, half dog food. Our breeder did this with Hugo (our four year old doberman), we did the research and it's really been wonderful. Don't worry, dogs stomachs are different from ours, they can eat raw chicken- bones and all- just don't cook it and then give it to them. The bones can splinter and cut them.


I mentioned this on instagram, but I call Millie “Bunny.” Don't worry, I call Hugo “Deer.” A very very long time ago I posted about how Hugo looks like a Deer. Much to Michael's avail, they come when I call them by their nicknames.

Switching gears here, I burst into tears when the most wonderful package of all time came in the mail, my Tomorrowland bracelets (the festival I leave for on Friday). I will spare you because I have a full blog post about them on my baby blog, The Festival Queen, but believe me they are cool.

I'm sorry… these are incredible. Ok, stopping now.

Today I've spent roughly three hours trying on outfits for the trip. Specifically, for the festival. The outfits had some requirements: comfort (a top priority), neon (or pairs well with neon accessories) and says “Oh yes, this girl goes to festivals” without trying too hard. If you haven't noticed yet, I'm not really a fashionista. I attempted to buy this tank with fringe and an eagle on it but once I got it home and tried it on in a normal setting I looked deranged.

I then spread everything on the bed and counted the number of possible outfits I had for the 11 days I'd be gone. I then imagined where I can wear them. “Oh this is more Greece.” “This romper screams Prague.” Also, I bought a romper. I feel it's necessary to announce this and now you may judge me. But I really plan to wear it Prague so I can then romp around. See what I mean about being weird?

I know I rambled here. But I needed to get this out. So on a scale of  1 to Miley's Tongue, I'm going with somewhere near the top. (Although if you click that link you'll see I wrote a post interviewing Miley's tongue and then we might need to bump me up on the scale a bit.)
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