I participated in a
campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Reebok. I
received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item
as a thank you for participating.  #sponsored #skyscape

Sometimes I have a hard time understanding that people are just people. I see the beautiful ones (celebrities, movie stars, heroes, models, etc) and I think that I am far less cool than they are. I start comparing myself. But then I realize, stars, they're just like us! (You know, like they show in US Magazine of the celebrities grocery shopping). 

Isn't this how supermodels pose? No. Oh.

 Take supermodel Miranda Kerr for instance. While I might not have her mysterious, breathtaking looks and grace, we do share the same shoes. Reebok Skyscape shoes to be exact.

Who wore it best?
Wait. Don't answer that.

I am on my feet a good part of the day. For my job, I'm running around a lot from place to place and I need shoes that can do the job. These were the perfect answer. (And yes, I also get to wear leggings and yoga pants almost every day.) 

These are the lightest shoes I've ever owned. So light in fact, you might forget you're wearing shoes at all.
I shopped at Kohl's and of course picked the neon pink.
They weigh only 5 ounces and have a low cut design and seamless construction which make an ideal shoes for concerts, music festivals, shopping and taking the dogs for a walk- all my favorite activities.  There is also Reebok's skyspring technology which helps support your foot and provide comfort, especially important if you've broken your ankle.
After testing these out all day these will definitely be on my packing list for Europe this summer. I need a shoe that can keep up with me and are light. They are honestly a different feel from any shoe I've worn before. They are crafted with the same manufacturing techniques and processes as molded foam bras, but using
materials that have been for the stresses and strains placed on the
feet. Cool, huh? 

Would you try the Reebok Skyscape shoes? You can also check out my review at
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