So if you're new here, hello.
But seriously if you're new here I broke my ankle and leg about 6 months ago. 
Cool, no one cares about that. But I do have a point. I promise I will eventually get to it.
I used to cook all the time but it was really hard when I only had one leg to stand on, literally. 
So now that I'm practically 100% better, I started cooking again.
But I always cook the same old thing.
Turkey Burgers, pasta, chicken bake. Etc.
I wanted to find new recipes. First I started with Pinterest. Which is great.
But it also takes a lot of work to scour the internet for one meal everyday.

Then my husband found eMeals.
It's $7 a month for a complete meal plan for 7 days a week with the specials for the grocery store of your choice. 
It has delicious stuff. 
Last night I made Greek chicken pasta salad with garlic bread and seasoned tomatoes.
Tonight I'm making tilapia tacos with Thai rice.
And it gives you the entire list of what you need to buy for the week.

My store was Kroger, and it was all stuff that was on sale or already a low price.

They also break it down into different meal plans.
My first week I only made 3 of the meals and still had left overs for the next day.
I chose the eMeals classic plan

 for my first month, but they have healthier options or fancy ones, too!

You can click on each of the plans and it gives you a few examples of what you might get with the plan.

And it gives you a grocery list sample too.

You can go here to see all the different options.
I just HATE having to plan my meals out. Or think creatively. Or make grocery lists. And this does it all for me on the cheap.
For $7 a month eMeals lets me not think what's for dinner, I just know I have something super yummy to cook.

***I was NOT compensated for this post. I just think this is a great idea for cooking.***