I was already frustrated with Michael. People were going to be arriving in about 5 minutes and he had yet to change clothes. “What are you going to wear?” I asked.
We were in the kitchen mixing eggs, cream, vanilla, and sugar in a bowl to make homemade ice cream.
“A collared shirt and my navy shorts,” he Answered, “Why?”
“Great!” I said, “I'm asking because you're currently wearing a shirt with about 18 holes in it.”
He rolled his eyes. 
We started churning the ice cream as I got out the old fashioned wooden ice cream maker and set a timer for 10 minutes.
We both went to change as I put on something red, white and blue as someone knocked on the door.

 I'm not sure that I can really rock these headband scarves things. I
tried and throughout the night it kept looking worse. But it could also
be because of my dreadful unhighlighted roots. But my lazy butt will be
getting blonde hair without the salon this summer.
Anyway, the important thing is that Michael emerged in this.

“I thought you were wearing a collared shirt?”
“This is more American.”
End of discussion.

As guests arrived Michael grilled in the backyard and I drank a rum and diet coke.

I stepped back to pet Millie and take a picture. 

The start of Summer makes me slow down and look around at the little things. Having a bunch of my friends in one place.
My little sisters both finally having jobs. (I started working summers when I was 15. They are 20. Oh well.)
My Dad helping us plant new trees in the yard.
Having one of my best friends in town for a few weeks.
Making homemade ice cream.

Taking Hugo and Millie for a hike.
Planning a 60th birthday for my Mom.
Going to baseball games.
Riding bikes around the lake.

Life really is pretty good . Sometimes I think my happy place is at the beach. Or traveling somewhere overseas. And while I absolutely love that, I also love being home and just enjoying the moment.  Even if Michael chooses to wear a howling at the wolf t-shirt and has yet to shave off his mustache.

By the way, all the ice cream is gone. All of it.
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