We can't be experts on everything, but sometimes we just totally get it. You don't need to study it. It's just like, click- yeah I got it, no explanation needed. If you know what I mean, then you totally get it.

I used to think parents were lying when they said they couldn't pick between two kids. Now that I have two dogs, I totally get it. I couldn't possibly pick between them. So I also totally get parenthood now.

I've watched an episode of “Cops” so I totally get what it's like to be a cop. And that is not a profession I would be good at.

I fixed the printer at work so I totally get what it's like to work in IT.

I read Buzzfeed regularly, so I totally get what's going on in the news. I also know What my signature drink should be.

I once had a protein shake with muscle milk so I totally get what it must be like to be a body builder. 

I drank wine in Paris, so I totally get fine wines.

One time, someone recognized me from my blog, so I totally get what it's like to be famous. #humbled 

I listen to rap so I totally get what it must be like to be from the hood. I'm on my worst behavior, no. If you can't name that song you probably totally don't get it.

 I was on the radio once so I totally get it what it's like being on the radio regularly. And I'm not nervous at all about being on the radio tomorrow. (It will be aired in Belgium, I'm being interviewed about Tomorrowland. When it's live I'll be sure to post it here!)

One time I won $3 in a scratch off so I totally get what it's like to win a give away. But this one is way better than a scratch off.

With Summer just around the corner it's time to start getting in shape for bikini season. What's a better motivator to work out than super cute and comfortable workout clothes? Today my sponsors and I are giving away $165 to Lululemon! Pick out your new favorite sports bra, yoga pants or accessory. Enter with rafflecopter below!You could totally get it.

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What do you totally get?

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