Last night I went to the premiere of season 3 of  “Girls” on HBO. I had never seen the show before, but when they offered free food and an open bar, I was totally down. I invited my favorite person to come along with me. And I was already having a great old time. But, I was worried when the show started: I have never seen it- how will I know what's going on? What if everyone's laughing and I'm sitting there awkwardly? What if people think I'm weird to come to this premiere?!

Well I loved it. And no one gave me a bad look. Now I need to catch up on season's 1-3 because they definitely gained a new fan in me. (FYI show airs January 12th on HBO.)

It got me thinking, I'm irrational. I work things up in my head. But there are a few particular things I'm really really irrational about.

Here are 10 things I'm irrational about:

– When I take the trash out at night I look around, wide eyed, in case there's a serial killer nearby.

– If something I don't like happens when I'm driving (someone cuts me off, I stop too long at a stop light) I have to change the radio station.

– I have to read my fortune before eating the fortune cookie. Otherwise the fortune is null.

– I like to save the best bite for last. No matter what the food is.

– If there is a cheese plate I must try every cheese at least once. Even if I know I don't like a certain kind of cheese.

– As a kid and now, if I go to a beach I have to find a shell at the beginning of my trip, make a wish on it and then throw it into the ocean at then end of my trip as a thank you to the beach.

Also I still own this pink swimsuit in the hopes that I can find one exactly like it in an adult size. 

-I worry about getting caught wearing granny panties. Because lord knows, if I'm in an accident, they will have to cut off all my clothes off to reveal those big, old, white comfortable undergarments.

– I'm not nervous about flying, but I'm nervous that I'm going to miss my plane or forget something. I literally check my bag 1345 times and try to arrive 2 hours early for a flight. Even if it's not international.

– Roaches. I know they can't hurt me but I swear they are the devil. I hate them with a fiery passion deep in my soul and I will scream bloody murder if I see one.

– When I get to work I like open the exact same tabs each time. There are like 8 of them and I do them in the exact same order every week day. I also then open up my email, then get hot tea.

This wasn't going to be an “about me” post, but after I finished reading through it I think it really displays so much of who I am. In that I'm a weirdo.  What are you irrational about?

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