Well y'all, I really should have given myself a day (or 5) to calculate all the votes aka comments for your nominations on The Best Blogger of 2013. With over 200 responses, my eyes are nearly crossed.

The 3 with the most votes are:

Some other blogs of note that got plenty of votes too:
 A Caffeinated Brunette,  Two Thirds Hazel,  I Wore Yoga Pants To Work,  Karly Kim,  Travel Babbles, Always Ashten,  Not Entirely Perfect,  The Grits Blog,  Back East Blonde,  Love, Fun and Football

*based on tallying all your comments these blogs got the most votes! Check out last year's winners here

Just so we're clear, this was all in good fun. Very informal, obviously, and I really found some new blogs to devour! I urge you to check out all the comments and find a new favorite read, I know I did!
Thank you all for participating. I hope to make this an annual thing and really appreciate your support.

Feel free to grab a button if you were nominated!

Helene in Between - Best Bloggers of 2013
Helene in Between - Best Bloggers of 2013

And now, if you wanted even more news, then you're in luck. The ever brilliant Erin of Living in Yellow has come up with a brilliant concept: Blogger Happy Hour.

Erin is partnering with multiple bloggers to join forces for a Blogger get together, and yours truly is up first! Erin and I will join forces with 8 of you and “meet” with a Google hangout to discuss anything and, well, everything in between for an hour (ish) long chat. Spots are limited, but you can book your space below! For more information, check out Erin's post. I hope you'll join us!


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