You have to hand it to her, the world literally dropped it's jaw when Beyonce dropped an album on us, sans notice. I have always loved Beyonce. Always will. She can do no wrong in my eyes. So today, my playlist consists of some of my favorite Beyonce songs of all time. Get your freakum dress on.

This list is tough because there are just so. many. good. songs.

1. Jumpin' Jumpin'

Have to start with her Destiny's Child roots. I knew when I first heard her, she was destined for greatness. I can remember listening to this song and dancing in my living room and trying to learn the dance moves.

2. Say My Name

Oh I died over this whole album, The Writing's on the Wall. I remember between breaks in songs there were the Destiny Child's commandments: Thou Shall Say My Name. I would channel my inner Beyonce with this song when a boy was rude to me in 7th grade and I instantly felt better. Also, this video is amazing with the members stopping and posing, I thought: no one is cooler.

3. Crazy in Love

This could easily be a song that defines me. I wanted to booty pop just like Beyonce. I felt a flicker of hope for mankind when Beyonce and Jay Z partnered for this song. But really, I just wanted to booty pop like this.

4. Ego ft Kanye West

There's so many innuendos in this song that I refuse to listen to this song around young children or my parents. But it's got slow and upbeat tune, it's just a fun song.

5. Check On It ft Slim Thug

This might be a song for the Pink Panther soundtrack and features Slim Thug (did you ever think all of those elements would appear in a sentence?) but this is a song you can get down to. A mix of some gritty rap lyrics and brilliant Beyonce crooning.

6. Freakum Dress

Fun fact: I taught a 7th grade dance class a choreographed dance that I came up with to this song. Inappropriate? Maybe. Awesome? Hell yes. This song is just a feel good song about looking fly when you go out on the town. Dust your shoulders off.

7.  Single Ladies

Cannot have this list without single ladies. Married, boy friend, single or gay, we all did the single ladies dance in the club and pointed to our ring finger. I say that like it's in the past but I still do it if that song comes on. That video also was the best ever. Like Kanye interruped Taylor Swift to say: Imma let you finish but, Beyonce had the best video of all time. IT'S TRUE.

8. Countdown

Everyone loved “Run the World” but my jam was Countdown. She just belts it out on this track (as do I along side her, in the car). Just proving once again that she is the best, whether she's booty popping or singing about love.

9. Diva

Can we just all agree that Beyonce is the ultimate Diva? But in a good way. I just want to walk like her, that's all I'm asking.

10. Yonce

Beyonce's “visual” album is going to be a hit whether you like it or not. This track is my favorite so far. Whoo this song is hot and so is the video. And you can start calling me Lene.

What's your favorite Beyonce song?
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